April 12, 2019

SIU faculty to highlight research in “lightning” talks next week

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. – Learn more about some of the research conducted by Southern Illinois University Carbondale faculty later this month.

University faculty will offer insight into some of their ongoing work during “Flash Talk 3.0,” hosted by the College of Applied Sciences and Arts on April 17. The presentations begin at 6 p.m. at the Varsity Center, 418 S. Illinois Ave., Carbondale. A reception at 5 p.m. kicks off the evening’s events. 

The presentations are free and open to the public. There will be refreshments. 

Faculty and staff from throughout the university are participating 

There are 28 presentations by 39 faculty and staff from numerous departments throughout the university. There also are 18 student poster presentations set. This is the third year for the event. 

Faculty members will give a three- to five-minute PowerPoint “lightning” talk, with each presenter answering three questions:

  • “What is it?”
  • “Why is it of interest?”
  • “How might the community be further involved?” 

Get involved with research projects 

Because the audience may not be familiar with a technical topic, presenters will make their discussions understandable to people who are outside of the expertise field. 

Event highlights ongoing research

A variety of research areas will be highlighted, including:

  • “A Multidisciplinary Collaboration: Fashion and Electrical Biomedical Engineering,” Seung-Hee Lee and Yuli Liang, fashion design and merchandising; Jun Qin, electrical and computer engineering.
  • “Transportation and Affordable Housing Linkages,” Shannon Sanders McDonald, School of Architecture.
  • “Waste Motor Oil-to-Diesel Fuel Project,” Blaine Heisner, automotive technology.
  • “Birds of a Feather Subflock Together: Divisions Among Elites Based Upon Exposure to Diversity,” Scott McClurg, School of Journalism; Malinda Suprise, Viloshanakumaran Veeramani, Alan Franklin, doctoral candidates, applied psychology.
  • “Utilizing Flight Data Monitoring to Examine Flight Instructor Modeling,” J. Kenneth Bro and Michael Robertson, aviation management and flight.
  • “Interdisciplinary collaboration between Dental Hygienists and Cancer Treatment Facilities,” Stacey L. McKinney and Jennifer S. Sherry, dental hygiene.
  • “A New Perspective on Federal Government Deficits, Debt and Trust Funds,” Samuel R. Pavel, aviation management and flight.
  • “Women’s Agency in the Making of Bodies, Cuisines, and Culture in Maharashtra, India,” Gauri A. Pitale, Saluki Success Program.
  • “Spiritual Beliefs Among Individuals with Dementia and Appropriate Faith-Based Interventions,” Robert Rados, health care management.
  • “Public Perception of Airline Safety,” Steven C. Goetz, Matthew J. Romero, aviation management and flight.
  • “Health Care Management Strategies to Address Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities to Improve Health Outcomes,” Sandra Collins, Thomas Shaw, Jessica Cataldo, health care management; Vicki Brown, senior, health care management.
  • “How Can Health Care Professionals Help Combat the Sex Trafficking Dilemma?’ Sandra Collins, Thomas Shaw, health care management program; Courtney Collins, graduate master’s program, health administration.
  • “Studies of Corrosion on Passenger Car Rotors (Cast Iron Made), Prabin Parajuli, graduate master’s program, mechanical engineering.
  • “The Opioid Crisis: An Exploration of Social Determinants and Artificial Intelligence,” Marshon Tucker, graduate master’s program, health administration.
  • Cyber Vulnerabilities in Aviation, Malik Alassaf, senior, aviation management.

A complete list of presentations and presenters is on the “Flash Talk 3.0” website.

Presentations almost doubled compared to prior years

Andy Wang, dean of the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, said he is pleased with the increase in the number of presentations and additions from other colleges and from the community. The Flash Talk can also be helpful in initial stages of research, particularly when there is active recruitment for more participants or collaborators, he said. 

“Research achievements by SIU faculty can play a role in saving lives and improving the way we live,” Wang said. “Sharing research with a wider audience can make the research more visible, thus enhancing the impact of the research.”