April 11, 2019

SIU, Daley College to cooperate on industrial management, applied engineering degree program

by Tim Crosby

Engineering students based in the Chicago area soon will be able to earn a degree through one of the programs in Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s College of Engineering.

SIU recently entered into an agreement with City Colleges of Chicago that will allow that that institution’s graduates – or students who have otherwise earned an associate’s degree – to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial management and applied engineering while attending class at Daley College.

Chicago-are students to benefit from flexible, fast program

The program is designed for working adults, with classes scheduled for the weekends at Daley College. Daley College recently opened its Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Center, a state-of-the-art facility that combines preparation in manufacturing design and production.

Daley officials say almost half of City Colleges of Chicago students who graduate with an associate’s degree transfer to other institutions to continue their educations. The new agreement will allow those students to stay at Daley to complete a degree.

Julie Dunston, associate professor of technology at SIU, said the university offers the program at two other Chicago-area colleges already. City Colleges, however, offered some unique circumstances.

In addition to its new MTEC facility, SIU’s program and Daley College’s associate degree in advanced manufacturing technology were natural fits, Dunston said.

Students count toward SIU enrollment

“We believed that we had an untapped market in the City Colleges of Chicago system,” Dunston said. “We wanted to strategically position ourselves as a strong partner with Daley as it made plans to expand its manufacturing programs and grow enrollment. SIU now has a permanent presence on the Daley campus with the recent hiring of a full-time SIU instructor on site.”

Officials hope to have between 10 and 15 students enrolled in the program in fall 2019 when it launches. All such students will count as enrolled at SIU.

“Our SIU adviser for the Daley site has been proactively working with Daley advisers to assist students in their transition to the IMAE program,” Dunston said.

Program to open great opportunities

Dunston said the effort will benefit SIU in several ways. Daley’s new MTEC facility increases that institution’s enrollment capacity and is a draw for students interested in those studies. Not only does that provide opportunities for students, but also helps SIU serve the needs of industries in the area by providing continuing education for their employees.

“This will increase the visibility of not just the IMAE program in the region but SIU Carbondale and potentially pave the way for partnerships with other SIU programs and City Colleges,” Dunston said.

A bachelor’s degree in industrial management and applied engineering prepares students for careers in manufacturing leadership, management, operations, quality control, equipment procurement and facilities planning. Students will take courses in supply chain operations and logistics, lean manufacturing methods, safety, and project management, among others.

John Cooper, clinical assistant professor of technology in SIU’s off-campus degree programs, said the new partnership will bring unparalleled opportunity to Chicago area students who wish to excel in the manufacturing and applied engineering sectors.

“It’s fast, accessible and affordable, and it’s perfect for the working adult, transfer students, and manufacturers seeking professional development pathways for their employees,” Cooper said.