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November 21, 2018

Ceremony, reception will honor 111 retiring SIU Carbondale employees

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Southern Illinois University Carbondale will recognize 111 retiring employees for their service to the university in a ceremony and reception Nov. 30 in Student Center Ballroom D.

The ceremony begins at 8:30 a.m., and registration starts at 8 a.m. in the John W. Corker Lounge.

The recognition is for university employees who retired between Aug. 1, 2017 and July 31, 2018.

The retiring employees had 2,473 years of combined experience with the university. Of these retirees, 49 had 20 to 29 years of service and 21employees had 30 to 35 years of service. One employee retired after 41 years.

Employees being honored, listed by hometown are:



Fred R. Stearns, Physical Plant Service, 13 years.


Margaret Susan Lay, Office of Economic and Regional Development, 32 years.


James Clifford Willis, Physical Plant Service, 23 years.


Jo Ann E. Argersinger, History, 20 years.

Nanditha Balasubramanian, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 22 years.

Thomas John Bik, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield, 11 years.

Lori Arlene Black, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 21 years.

Camellia Blythe-Friday, Head Start Agency, 28 years.

David R. Bond, Library Affairs, 20 years.

John Howard Carter, Library Affairs, 17 years.

Roger Feng-chang Chang, Technology, 26 years.

K.K. Collins, English, 41 years.

David T. Cronin, Physical Plant Service, 27 years.

Suzanne Marie Daughton, Communication Studies, 27 years.

Joyce E. Deutsch, Registrar’s Office, 14 years.

Jarlen Don, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes, 33 years.

James Scot Ferraro, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 31 years.

Douglas F. Fix, Microbiology, 30 years.

Carl Flowers, Rehabilitation Institute, 30 years.

Michael L. Grey, ASA School of Allied Health, 31 years.

Ramesh Gupta, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 34 years.

Lisa G. Hawkins, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 21 years.

Paul Hinze, Recreational Sports and Services, 24 years.

Jeanette I. Johnson, College of Education and Human Services, 18 years.

Cynthia Kathleen Jones, Intercollegiate Athletics, 18 years.

Dimitrios H. Karayiannis, Languages, Cultures, and International Trade, 24 years.

Eileen R. Meehan, Radio, Television, and Digital Media, 10 years.

Lori Merrill-Fink, Theater and University Honors Program, 29 years.

Aldo D. Migone, Physics, 31 years.

Mary B. Nemetsky, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, 29 years.

Nancy Peck, Project 12 Ways, 29 years.

Marcella A. Pleasure, Physics, 24 years.

Gary D. Ray, Traffic and Parking, 20 years.

Mythili K. Rundblad, Center for Service Learning and Volunteerism, 19 years.

Charlotte Ann Sarao, College of Agricultural Sciences, 27 years.

Elizabeth A. Scally, University Housing, 28 years.

Gina J. Shiplett, Office of the Chancellor, 32 years.

Mary Lisa Smith, Accounting Services, 28 years.

Nathan P. Stucky, Communication Studies, 27 years.

Monica J. Tichenor, Broadcasting Service, 29 years.

Gary Dean Tisdale, Recreational Sports and Services, 25 years.

Brian C. Wagner, School of Music, 16 years.

Sharon E. Walters, Office of Assessment and Program Review, 35 years.

John Mark Watson, Library Affairs, 26 years.


Laura Ann Bell, University College, 11 years.

Barbara E. Bogard, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 30 years.

Timothy Bogard, Institutional Research and Studies, 30 years.

Joyce A. Davis, University Housing, 27 years.

LaVon Donley-Cornett, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, 29 years.

Sharon L. Gideon, Printing and Duplicating Service, 11 years.

Gina Earleen Gurley, Registrar’s Office, 9 years.

Cheryl A. Holder, University Honors Program, 28 years.

Julie Kay McDannel, Office of the Chancellor, 29 years.

Alice M. Noble-Allgire, Accountancy and SIU School of Law, 24 years.

Rod Sievers, University Communications and Marketing, 19 years.

Russell A. Thomas, Department of Public Safety, 21 years.

Pamela J. Winget, University Housing, 23 years.


Jo Ellen Perkins, Physical Plant Service, 9 years.


Randy Bruce Lowe, Physical Plant Service, 20 years.

De Soto

Anthony Odey Agbeh, Animal Science, Food and Nutrition, 8 years.

Thomas Dale Hexamer, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, 25 years.

Rhonda Lynn Hooper, Institutional Research and Studies, 35 years.

Donna J. Schumaier, School of Music, 32 years.

Du Quoin

Beth Alongi, Student Center, 28 years.

Debra Lee Chapman, Career Services, 10 years.

Laura Davis Cobin, Broadcasting Service, 24 years.

Sue Ann Knapp, Office of Economic and Regional Development, 20 years.

Clarence E. White, Student Center, 19 years.

Debra Woll, Student Health Services, 18 years.


Jesus Rosado, Recreational Sports and Services, 12 years.


Twyla D. Adkisson-Peak, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 27 years.


Lawrence J. Christopher, Physical Plant Service, 16 years.

John K. Voges, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 28 years.


Rita Kay VanPelt, Disability Support Services, 30 years.


Jennie M. Absher, Geography and Environmental Resources, 26 years.

Patricia Lynn Bird, Student Health Services, 20 years.

Michael Kent Kremer, Physical Plant Service, 18 years.


Ronald A. Dunkel, Student Center, 33 years.

Karen Renzaglia, Plant Biology, 22 years.


Mary Louise Bratzel, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 20 years.

Linda L. Floro, Recreational Sports and Services, 32 years.

Gary Kistner, ASA Off-Campus Academic Programs, 13 years.

Patricia J. Lynn, School of Law, 19 years.

Nadine Micheline Wojnarowski, School of Architecture, 12 years.

Ander Yen, University Housing, 16 years.


Phyllis Sue Bowers, Physical Plant Service, 15 years.


Gerald A. Thornhill, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 21 years.


Kerry P. Cole, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 33 years.

Randy J. Dunn, Office of the President-SIU President’s Office, 13 years.

Robert Stephen Easton, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 15 years.

Steve Hammers, Information Technology, 29 years.

Carol Manis, School of Law, 31 years.

Michael W. Rothe, Intercollegiate Athletics, 26 years.

Rachel Stocking, History, 23 years.

Kim Alane Taylor, College of Agricultural Sciences, 16 years.

Steven Earl Weaks, Public Health and Recreation Professions, 13 years.


Shayla Kay Duran, Exploratory Student Advisement, 17 years.


Sarah J. Robey, School of Law Library, 14 years.


Catherine A. Kirkpatrick, University Housing, 8 years.


Deborah J. Gearhart, University Honors Program, 31 years.


Virginia M. Vicher, Workforce Education and Development, 4 years.


Regina Ann Wilkerson-Sims, Curriculum and Instruction, 14 years.

West Frankfort

Susan Ann McLaren, School of Law, 20 years.


Richard Earl Jarvis, Procurement Services, 21 years.


Fernandina Beach

Rebecca Jaye Pittman, Office of Economic and Regional Development, 19 years.

Mount Dora

Ann M. Pearson, College of Business, 8 years.

John Michael Pearson, 16 years.

Neptune Beach

Sally A. Haynes, Workforce Education and Development, 22 years.



Thomas M. Alexander, Philosophy, 32 years.



Katherine T. Frith, School of Journalism, 10 years.



Russell E. Klein, Student Health Services, 19 years.