August 30, 2018

Guidelines for complying with Pepsi MidAmerica contract

SIU Carbondale has a contract with Pepsi MidAmerica through October 2022, giving them exclusive pouring rights on our campus. Pepsi MidAmerica has the exclusive right to display, advertise, and promote beverages on campus and in connection with the university. The partnership created a financial opportunity for the university to increase its commitment to support student scholarships.

In order to honor the contract, university students, faculty and staff must follow the guidelines below:

  • No other (non-alcoholic) beverage brand may be distributed on campus in any form.
  • Events held on campus, whether university related or not, must use Pepsi MidAmerica products if beverages are served. If the event warrants a small quantity of beverages, such as a twelve pack or two, they may be purchased at a local retailer, but must be products offered by Pepsi MidAmerica.
  • Private parties using campus space for events are not allowed to bring products other than Pepsi brands on campus. This includes soft drinks as well as bottled water, sports and energy drinks, and bottled tea.
  • In order to purchase Pepsi products for use on campus, units will need to establish an account with Pepsi MidAmerica. They will honor contract pricing with all units on campus. Contact Lorrie Lefler and she will assist you with getting the process started.
  • This applies to university departments as well as RSO’s.

All vending machines on campus are being serviced by Pepsi MidAmerica. Should anyone experience problems with a vending machine, the 800 number on the machine should be used to report the problem. If the problem is not remedied, please contact Lorrie Lefler, the campus liaison with Pepsi MidAmerica, at 453-3401 or Please do not call the 800 number for refunds.

There are six locations on campus where refunds can be obtained.

  • Student Center ID Office: Lisa Lambus, 453-3481.
  • Wham Dean’s Office: Pam Battaglia, 453-2415.
  • Law School Dean’s Office: Christi White, 453-8299.
  • Student Services Building, Room 486: Lorrie Lefler, 453-3401.
  • Communications Building: 453-2365.
  • Tech Building, Room 146C: Rhonda Ferguson, 453-9245.