July 09, 2018

Plan now to attend SIU’s Saluki Comic Con 2018 Sept. 29-30

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Samantha Newark is the voice of Jem and Jerica on the classic Jem and the Holograms cartoon and part of the Transformers guest-star cast. Trevor Von Eeden is co-creator of the first original black superhero to have his own title and both the first black artist and the youngest hired by DC.

You can meet both, as well as other stars of the comics industry at Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Saluki Comic Con 2018.

Mark your calendars now  

Plan now to attend SIU’s second annual comic con, set for Sept. 29-30. That’s Family Weekend and hotels fill up fast, so finalize your plans now. 

Successful premiere event led to this year’s event

The inaugural SIU event, Eclipse Comic Con, was such a huge success in August 2017 that organizers decided to make it an annual happening.

The 2018 event takes place in the SIU Student Center Ballrooms and will feature vendors, comic artists, a costume competition with cash prizes and trophies, a game room for board and video gamers, special guests and a variety of competitions and informational/educational panels.

Newark and Eeden well-known in industry

In addition to guest-starring roles as “Ariel,” “Elise Presser” and “The Zamajon Empress,” on the Hasbro Transformers brand, Newark can also be heard on Steven Spielberg’s feature “Hook” as the sweet British voice of Peter Pan’s mother.

She played rebel camper Debbie in the horror flick “Summer Camp Nightmare” with Chuck Conners and has been involved in numerous musical projects as well, working as a session singer in Los Angeles, and was invited as a back-up singer  for Leonard Cohen’s “Bricks in the Wall” Pink Floyd tribute.

She’s also well-known for her original songs, vocals and voice-work on various blockbuster game titles, movie soundtracks and television shows, including everything form “God of War” to “Smallville,” from “Twisted Metal: Black” to “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Ellen Show.” Recent projects include narration of the children’s book “Square Zair Pair” and her third studio pop/electronica album, “Hologram.”

Von Eeden’s work includes “The Batman Annual #8,” “Thriller,” The Green Arrow mini-series during the 1980s, and “Black Canary” in the 1990s. “The Original Johnson,” his first self-written/drawn graphic novel premiered in late 2009 to critical and fan acclaim and continues to do well.

Numerous special guests already booked

A wide variety of regional stars and special guests, representing a cross-section of comic-con areas, will also be appearing and more are being added all the time.

The guest list already includes:

  • Zac Atkinson – comic creator, cartoonist and designer, who worked as a colorist on numerous productions including “Teen Titans Go,” “Transformers,” “Star Trek,” and “GI Joe.” He’s also designed popular T-shirts and is now working on his own comic.
  • Todd Black – author of three novels, writer of 28 comics, creator of “Guardians,” “Sherlock Holmes: The Greatest Detective” and more.
  • Brian Colin – co-founder, along with Jeff Nauman, of “Game Refuge.” The pair has designed and developed some of the best-selling, highest earning hit video games since 1981. Their individual or joint credits include “Rampage,” “Xenophobe,” “Arch Rivals,” Pigskin,” “Rampage World Tour,” “Star Trek Voyager” and many more.
  • Sean Dulaney – writer/artist/editor/broadcaster whose work includes “Dreah,” “Queen of Thieves,” and the Kickstarter-funded “Miss Vicky & Her Cutie Commandos” as well as editing and overseeing the revived “Fantastic Adventures” mixing Ace Comics reprint archives with new material. He also spearheads the annual radio show recreation during the Superman Celebration in Metropolis.
  • Brennan Mejia – American actor, best known for his work on “Kaboom,” “Power Rangers Dino Charge,” and “Skate God.”
  • The Midwest Garrison, the Illinois chapter of The 501st Legion, a “Star Wars” imperial costuming club.
  • Brad Moore – surrealist painter who creates art for underground, heavy metal and alternative record companies. He was in an exhibit with Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger, creator of the xenomorphic horrors for the “Alien” film series at Giger’s Swiss castle.
  • Brian K. Morris – Rising Tide Publications independent publisher, freelance writer, playwright, actor and Silver Phoenix Entertainment editor-in-chief. His most recent releases include “Waiting for the Space Gods” and “Vulcana: The Prometheus Cover-up.”
  • Southern Illinois Jedi Order – a group of dedicated “Star Wars” fans who enjoy dressing as their favorite characters and sharing adventures.

Numerous vendors of all types already are on board for Saluki Comic Con 2018 as well.

Visit the website to learn more

To find out more about Saluki Comic Con 2018 and keep track of additional guest stars, special guests, exhibits, games and all the rest, visit https://studentcenter.siu.edu/activities/saluki-comic-con/, or email eclipsecon@siu.edu.   

Information about all of SIU’s Family Weekend activities for Sept. 28-30 is available online. Or, contact Vamsi Manne, Student Center associate director, at 618/453-1315 or vmanne@siu.edu.

Samantha Newark

Samantha Newark

Trevor Von Eeden

Trevor Von Eeden