April 02, 2018

Film Fridays to feature a unique look at classic cinema

Film Fridays, hosted by the Department of Cinema and Photography, will look at love and death in cinema.

The presentation is at 4 p.m., April 6, in the Soundstage in the Communications Building, Room 1116. The event is free and open to the public. The total program length is 70 minutes.

Wago Krieder, associate professor in the Department of Radio, Television and Digital Media, is presenting the program which will feature seven short experimental films and videos that reflect on the emotional impact and cultural legacy that cinema's history has on contemporary consciousness.

Each of the works raises questions about the legacy and cultural memory of motion picture history.

The films, with title, filmmaker, and length, are:

  • “The Hills are Alive” Greg Biermann, 8 minutes
  • “MIRROR WORLD” Abigail Child, 12 minutes
  • “Love is a Burning Thing” Dave Griffiths, 8 minutes
  • “Muse of Cinema” Kerry Laitala, 20 minutes
  • “Detroit Park” Julie Murray, 8 minutes
  • “Life and Times of Robert F. Kennedy Starring Gary Cooper” Aaron Valdez, 8 minutes
  • “De l’Amort (Love & Death)” 6 minutes