March 19, 2018

University’s form W-4 available for use

The Internal Revenue Service recently updated its withholding calculator to help ensure accuracy of employees’ tax withholdings after recent enactment of tax law changes. 

Effective March 30, the university will no longer accept the IRS 2017 Form W-4. Employees who are required to complete that form with their employment paperwork or who want to revise their current Form W-4 will be required to complete SIU’s Form W-4

In addition, all employees claiming an exemption from withholding after March 30 for 2018 (whether renewing a claim from 2017 or making a new claim) will also be required to complete SIU’s Form W-4. All employees are encouraged to check their withholdings by using the updated Withholding Calculator on the IRS website and to complete a new Form W-4, if necessary. 

For more information, contact HR Payroll at