March 15, 2018

SIU faculty will present research 'lightning' talks next week

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. — Want to know more about some of the research that Southern Illinois University Carbondale faculty are involved in?

University faculty will offer insight into some of their ongoing work during “Flash Talk 2” hosted by the College of Applied Sciences and Arts on March 21. The presentations are from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Varsity Center, 418 S. Illinois Ave., Carbondale.

The presentations are free and open to the public. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. There will be refreshments.

Faculty from throughout the university are participating

There are 25 presentations by 33 faculty from numerous departments throughout the university. This is the second year for the event.

Faculty members will give a three- to five-minute PowerPoint “lightning” talk, with each presenter answering three questions: “What is it?” “Why is it of interest?” and “How might the community be further involved?”

Get involved with research projects

Because the audience may not be familiar with a technical topic, presenters will make their discussions understandable to people who are outside of the expertise field.

Karen Johnson, associate professor in aviation technologies, said the goal is for people to realize “how many exciting and innovative research projects are happening at SIU and start thinking about ways that they or someone they know could maybe get involved.”

Varsity Center hosting for the first time

Holding the event in the Varsity Center for the first time is exciting, Johnson said.

“Since the goal is to garner interest and possibly partnerships with others including the community, holding it in such a mainstay of Carbondale as the Varsity is fitting,” she said.

Event highlights ongoing research

A variety of research will be highlighted, including:

  • “Strong Survivors: Cancer-Rehabilitation Research and Service,” Phil Anton, Department of Kinesiology.
  • “Virtual Reality in the School of Architecture,” Michael Brazley, Architecture.
  • “Can Medical Marijuana Be a Solution to the Opioid Crisis?” Jessica Cataldo, Sandy Collins, Thomas Shaw, Health Care Management; Scott Collins and Richard McKinnies, Radiation Therapy/Dosimetry, and Jane Nichols, Rehabilitation Institute.
  • “How Technology Will Change our Fashion Sense and Forecast our Vision Attentions,” Yuli Liang and Seung-Hee Lee, Fashion Design and Merchandising.
  • “Parental Desocialization in Sport,” Julie Partridge, Kinesiology.
  • “Fatigue Awareness of Collegiate Flight Students,” Matthew Romero and Michael Robertson, Aviation Management and Flight

A complete list of presentations and presenters is available.

 ‘Flash talk’ features collaboration

Dean Andy Wang said one of the college’s goals has been to promote collaboration among faculty from different disciplines and connect faculty with the region.

“This year, we have some faculty members from other colleges, which was exactly what we would like to see,” Wang said. “Considering the Chancellor’s reorganization plan, some of CASA’s programs will be moving to their new homes. It is a great opportunity for faculty in the new ‘school’ to start building research teams and collaborations with current CASA faculty via this flash talk and presentation.”