February 01, 2018

SIU spring enrollment corresponds with fall

CARBONDALE, Ill. – Official spring enrollment at Southern Illinois University Carbondale declined 8.81 percent, slightly improving on the 8.96 percent decline in fall 2018 enrollment. 

SIU Chancellor Carlo Montemagno said the decline was expected. 

“Spring enrollment usually corresponds directly with fall enrollment, since new students do not typically enroll in the spring,” said Chancellor Carlo Montemagno. “Spring enrollment is also typically lower than the fall due in large part to the number of students who graduate in December.” 

The university enrolled 13,346 students this spring compared with 14,636 in spring 2017. 

“Enrollment is our primary focus as we revitalize SIU,” said Montemagno, who became chancellor in August 2017. “We are working through proposed changes that will create excitement and opportunities for students as well as faculty.”