December 07, 2017

SalukiTech Computer offers tech gifts and purchase perks

With exams wrapping up and the holiday break coming soon, the SalukiTech Computer Store has an array of technology treats, gifts in all price ranges and some truly self-indulgent rewards. The store is also offering some great incentives, including a $100 Debit Dawg cash rebate on all Dell Laptop purchases and several perks-with-purchase stocking stuffers. 

Located in the north corridor of the Student Center, the SalukiTech Computer Store has the latest in technology devices and a staff to help with set up and instructions on how to use it. The store stocks notebooks, tablets, laptops and desktop computers along with offering all of the peripherals needed to set up any system – from cables, connectors and keyboards to unique add-ons including headphones, bags, protective covers and speakers. Online orders are also available for items not in stock and can be shipped to campus or any other location. 

The store also carries the latest in technology “fun” like the Dell Alienware gaming computer, along with gaming stations, headsets and controllers; retro-tech like Retrophones and the FujiFilm “instant camera” -- a throwback to Polaroid’s heyday – along with trending technologies like Firesticks. 

As an approved campus retailer, there are student-only incentives like Dell’s current $250 gift card rebate when purchasing the Alienware system. 

One last perk provided with store purchases is the convenience of the SalukiTech Service Center in Morris Library. Notebooks, tablets, laptops, desktops, and gaming systems bought in the store can be taken to the service center and be repaired by certified technicians. Along with the convenience of on-campus repair, there is no charge while these devices are under warranty. 

Visit the SalukiTech Computer Store during exam week to receive a special holiday treat.