November 22, 2017

University will honor 124 retiring employees

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale Chancellor Carlo Montemagno will recognize 124 employees for their service to the university in a ceremony and reception Dec. 1 in Student Center Ballroom D.

The ceremony begins at 8:30 a.m. Registration starts at 8 a.m. in the John W. Corker Lounge. 

The recognition is for university employees who retired between Aug. 1, 2016 and July 31, 2017.

The retiring employees had 2,384 years of combined experience with the university. Of these retirees, 45 had 20 to 29 years of service to SIU Carbondale and 14 had 30 to 39 years of service. Of those employees, five employees had between 35 and 39 years.



Dennis Michael Kilmer, University Housing, 7 years.

Joseph Gerard Pineau, College of Business, 25 years.

Sharon Renee Suchecki, Student Center, 15 years.

Dawn Renee Wilson, Plant and Service Operations, 26 years.


Richard McGriff, Physical Plant Service, 16 years.


Jerry Glenn Dale, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 10 years.

Campbell Hill

Marsha Elaine McCann, Clinical Center, 14 years.


Laurie Ann Achenbach, Microbiology and College of Science, 26 years.

James Smith Allen, Office of the SIU President, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and History, 26 years.

Dona Ruby Bachman, University Museum, 15 years

Mariann M. Baratta, University Housing, 37 years.

Barbara Ann Bickel, School of Art and Design, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, 9 years.

David E. Biggs, Physical Plant Service, 12 years.

Aaron Lee Boaz, Information Technology, 15 years.

Philip Brown, School of Music, 26 years.

Edward J. Brunner, English, 25 years.

Deborah L. Burris, Office of Teacher Education, 19 years.

Kay Joyce Carr, History, 27 years.

Krassimira D. Charkova, Linguistics, 15 years.

William R. Crippen, Physical Plant Service, 22 years.

Kenneth W. Culton, School of Social Work, 14 years.

Lisa G. David, School of Law, 27 years.

Toni Flagg, Kinesiology, 37 years.

Karen Frailey, Plant Biology, 18 years.

Janet M. Fuller, Linguistics, 20 years.

Judith Ann Green, Educational Administration and Higher Education, 11 years.

Carolin M. Harvey, Registrar’s Office, 38 years.

Thad Parrish Heckman, ASA School of Architecture, 22 years.

S. Todd Herreman, Radio, Television, and Digital Media, 13 years.

Anna Jackson, English, 23 years.

Elizabeth Theresa Klaver, English, 25 years.

Lynette L. Knowles, Marketing, 28 years.

Jay Lewis, College of Liberal Arts, 25 years.

Leslie Freels Lloyd, ASA School of Allied Health, 19 years.

Raymond Joseph Lockard, Student Center, 16 years.

Ellenora Beth Lordan, English, 25 years.

Barbara Jean Martin, University Press, 18 years.

Cathy C. Mogharreban, College of Education and Human Services and Curriculum and Instruction, 18 years.

Namdar Mogharreban, Computer Science, 30 years.

Kathleen Pericak-Spector, Mathematics, 35 years.

Brian M. Rice, Public Health and Recreation Professions, 17 years.

Sharon Ann Smaga, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield, 30 years.

Roger Dale Trexler, Printing and Duplicating Service, 19 years.

Mary E. Tyler, Students Rights and Responsibilities, 19 years.

Teresa Jean Walls, Financial Aid Office, 8 years.

Rory Lee Walters, Student Health Services, 30 years.

Cheryl D. Walton, Curriculum and Instruction, 33 years.

Roger Monroe Webb, Counseling, Quantitative Methods, and Special Education, 15 years.

JoDelle Williams, School of Music, 20 years.

Bryan Douglas Wise, Records Management, 20 years. 


Lynn Marie Bittle, Curriculum and Instruction, 21 years.

Charlene A. Burrell, Rehabilitation Institute, 20 years.

Susan Geyer Chaney, Student Health Services, 30 years.

Thomas A. Clark, Physical Plant Service, 20 years.

Linda Jo Drust, Rainbow’s End, 4 years.

Kindra Dawn Ferrell, Intercollegiate Athletics, 26 years.

Sharon K. Fuller, Student Health Services, 9 years.

Larry D. Gentry, Printing and Duplicating Service, 11 years.

Patricia Susan Latch, Human Resources, 19 years.

John Eric Massie, Student Health Services, 28 years.

Cynthia S. Reynolds, Rainbow’s End, 8 years.

Karen Rotter, ASA Automotive Technology, 22 years.

Frances Keller Shafer, Curriculum and Instruction, 11 years.

Lola Joy Wilkening, University Press, 10 years.


Rebecca Irene Bondi, Anthropology, 26 years.


Mary E. Janello, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 21 years.

Gail B. Robinson, College of Science, 20 years.

Creal Springs

Wayne Ruhl Glass, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 4 years.

De Soto

Regina L. Boros, Student Health Services, 12 years.

Frank L. Doan, Physical Plant Service, 10 years.

John H. Joiner, Physical Plant Service, 11 years.

Steven R. Mitchell, Center for Teaching Excellence, 20 years.


Wanda C. Ames, University Housing, 7 years.

Du Quoin

Tami Elaine Alvis, College of Education and Human Services, 27 years.

Kim Carter, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 20 years.

Michael Harry McRoy, University Housing, 12 years.


Alena Sue Easton, Office of Teacher Education, 5 years.

Franklin Park

Rodrigo B. Carramiñana, Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, 4 years.


Paula L. Chapa, Clinical Center, 27 years.


Marko M. Rajcic, Physical Plant Service, 24 years.


Susan M. Ford, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Anthropology, 37 years.


Amy C. Boren, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems, 30 years.

Lisa Gay Drummond, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield, 17 years.

Richard Darryl Ferguson, Physical Plant Service, 11 years.

William W. Huggett, Advanced Coal and Energy Research Center, 32 years.

Debra Iva Perkins, Head Start Agency, 17 years.

Lori J. Robinson, University Housing, 29 years.


Kathy S. Doan, Center for Rural Health-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 31 years.

Georgia Lee Hefler, Rainbow’s End, 21 years.

Steven M. Kappel, Physical Plant Service, 13 years.

Joseph L. Matthews, Plant Soil and Agricultural Systems, 29 years.

Gregory D. Moroz, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 22 years.

Jie Zhang Tyrrell, Registrar’s Office, 20 years.


Thomas Vernell Hale, Physical Plant Service, 15 years.

John P. Hester, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 39 years.

Lindell R. Hickey, Physical Plant Service, 12 years.

Kenneth L. McAnelly, Office of Teacher Education, 11 years.

Michelle Lynne Parker-Clark, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 8 years.

Paul J. Restivo, Center for Environmental Health and Safety, 18 years.

Barbara Whitehead, Student Health Services, 13 years.


Kevin D. Bame, Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance, 30 years.

Diane Sue Coloton, School of Music, 9 years.

Donna Joyce Colwell, ASA School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies, 28 years.

James R. Guetersloh, Physical Plant Service, 16 years.

Dennis Ray Haworth, Student Center, 20 years.

John Lewis Hochheimer, Radio, Television, and Digital Media, 10 years.

Patsy A. Manfredi, Philosophy and University Core Curriculum, 24 years.

Suzanne McCann, Physics, 20 years.

Mary Lou Mileur, Student Health Services, 29 years.

Gina Denise Raney, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 26 years.

Ratna Sinha, Graduate School, 26 years.

Margie Diann Smith, Marketing, 21 years.

Frances Ladett Watson, Student Health Services, 6 years.

Peggy Ann Wilken, Public Health and Recreation Professions, 33 years.


Mary L. Corry, Workforce Education and Development, 1 year.


Fred Steven Gilbert, Physical Plant Service, 23 years.


Scott R. Wittenborn, Printing and Duplicating Service, 11 years.


Diamond Bar

Jennie Wong, Workforce Education and Development, 9 years.



Virginia L. Cooper, General Counsel and Legal Affairs, SIU University-wide Services, 12 years.



Thomas Edward Woolf, University Communications and Marketing, 17 years.


Des Moines

David A. Yepsen, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, 7 years.



Karl Nicholas Kageff, University Press, 19 years.



Dafna Lemish, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, 6 years.



Royce DeAngelo Burnett, Accountancy, 7 years.