November 09, 2017

School of Art and Design iron pour is Saturday

Pouring molten iron can make any day more dramatic. 

It’s especially so when the molten iron it is poured into molds for sculpture and other artwork. Members of the community are welcome to attend the fall iron pour hosted by Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s School of Art and Design on Nov. 11. The pour is at the SIU Art Foundry, 1520-1560 W. Pleasant Hill Road, the white buildings at the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Evergreen Drive across from the Evergreen Terrace Apartments. 

The department has scratch blocks for sale. Scratch blocks are perfect for a first or casual foray into poured iron art. Visitors can scratch their own designs into the scratch block and let the metal experts pour iron. When the iron cools, your designed sculpture block will be ready for to take home. 

For more information, contact Carey Netherton, a lecturer in the School of Art and Design, at