October 26, 2017

These “boots” will leave repeat parking offenders walking

The Department of Public Safety is enforcing the immobilization (booting) of vehicles with three or more outstanding citations.

If the vehicle operator has three unpaid citations and the time for appeal has passed, a sticker with the message “Warning: Do Not Attempt To Move This Vehicle as Severe Damage May Result” on the vehicle’s driver’s side window. In addition to paying any outstanding university tracking and parking citations, there is also a $40 boot removal charge before the boot is removed and the vehicle released.

If outstanding citations and boot fee are not paid within 48 hours, the vehicle will be towed, and the operator is then responsible for the outstanding citations, boot fee and the tow charge before the vehicle is released. After vehicles accrue more than five citations, or the ticket value is more than $250, the vehicle is towed and will not be booted. In addition, parking division fines do appear on students’ bursar bills.

Visit parking.siu.edu for regulations on immobilizing vehicles. The regulations in Section 6-107-Vehicles Subject to Immobilization or Removal are available here by going to “Rules and Regulations” in the “Parking” section. For more information, call the Parking Division at 453-5369.