August 17, 2017

‘HireTouch’ is available to assist student hiring

Earlier this year, the university implemented HireTouch™, a software system that streamlines and simplifies hiring processes. As of Aug. 1, all student and graduate assistant positions are created and posted in HireTouch.

The system allows students to enter applications one time, attach any pertinent information such as references and resumes, and use the information repeatedly during their time on campus. The system also gives departments and units control over their student job posts and hiring, while consolidating all student positions into a single database where Financial Aid and the Graduate School can see job information and be involved in the hiring process.

The system is saving time and effort for staff who oversee student hiring, the departments that need student employees and students who apply for positions.

Based on the success of HireTouch for student hiring, there are plans to expand testing to include additional departments and units later this fall. Follow up training will be available, as needed, for these groups as they adopt the new hiring process and software. Students wanting to search jobs listings and apply for work on campus should begin their search on the Student Jobs page.