January 30, 2017

Statement on President’s Executive Order

SIU Carbondale enrolls 88 students from the seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia) listed in the president’s executive order on immigration and travel. The university is not aware of any of these students currently traveling outside of the United States or of any student studying abroad in any of the seven countries.

While the president’s executive order is under legal review, we are hearing understandable concerns about future changes in federal policies that could negatively impact our international students. While we cannot predict possible outcomes, we continue to assure all 1,263 of our international students that they are welcome and supported on our campus.

SIU has enrolled international students since 1947. The first international student to earn a bachelor’s degree from the university was from Iraq.

(A message from Interim Chancellor Brad Colwell to the university community is available here.)