January 12, 2017

Chancellor’s Message to the Campus Community

The Non-Instructional Program Review Committee has submitted its final report and recommendations, which I have reviewed and now share with the university community. The committee’s charge was to “review administrative and operational structure and expenses with a focus on identifying potential cost savings through increased efficiency, consolidation or other matters.” 

The committee was asked to focus on long-term efficiencies rather than to address immediate financial issues associated with the state budget impasse, although some of the recommendations can be implemented quickly if adopted. 

The report includes approximately 75 recommendations organized into a dozen categories. Some are easily implemented should we decide to move forward on them, while others will require additional study and input. I have asked the Chancellor’s Planning and Budget Advisory Council to review the report and prioritize the recommendations in order of effectiveness and greatest financial impact. My hope is to have their feedback by Feb. 1. You are welcome to share your own feedback at any time with members of the committee or directly with my office

I am grateful to the members of the committee for their work as well as to the many faculty and staff who submitted ideas for the committee's consideration. 

Brad Colwell

Interim Chancellor