December 05, 2016

SalukiNet available for entering grades

With the end of the semester approaching, the Office of Information Technology wants to make sure that faculty members know how to access the areas in SalukiNet used to enter grades. 

To enter grades, access SalukiNet and sign in. If you are signed into the system this will not be necessary. Then, select your “role” as faculty member. To find this, look above the “Sign In” button — you will likely see the words “All Roles.” Click the small arrow to the right to see a list of the different roles. Select “Faculty” from the list. Selecting a role limits the type and number of icons SalukiNet offers. 

Among the 30 icons listed for university faculty is the “Faculty – Enter Your Grades” icon. To save time, narrow the number of icons by entering a search term in the search bar at the top of the SalukiNet window. For example, “enter grades” works well to narrow the search for the “Faculty – Enter Your Grades: icon, but you can enter any word or phrase that describes the information or task you need to find. Once you locate the “Faculty – Enter Your Grades” icon, click it to go to the Banner Self-Service Grade Entry system. 

One last thing you might want to do while in SalukiNet is click the heart at the bottom of the icon. Clicking the heart marks this information or task as one of your “Favorites” — a link that connects directly with a site or page you will visit regularly. After you select one favorite, SalukiNet creates a new category at the top of the window called “Favorites,” and stashes your favorite icons there. 

If you have need help navigating the system, contact SalukiTech support 24 hours a day at 453-5155 or For help entering grades using SalukiNet, contact the Office of the Registrar at 453-2999.