November 28, 2016

University will honor 123 retiring employees

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale Interim Chancellor Brad Colwell will recognize 123 employees for their service to the university in a ceremony and reception Friday, Dec. 2, in the Student Center Ballroom D. 

The ceremony begins at 8:30 a.m. Registration starts at 8 a.m. in the John W. Corker Lounge. 

The recognition is for university employees who retired between Aug. 1, 2015, and July 31, 2016. 

The retiring employees had 2,635 years of combined experience with the university. Of these retirees, 65 had 20 to 29 years of service to SIU Carbondale, 13 had 30 or more years, and one employee reached 40 years. 

Here are the retirees listed by hometowns, departments and years of service.



Brenda K. Keller, Center for International Education, 18 years.

Steven Eugene Kohler, Physical Plant Service, 25 years.

Kathleen Toeben Lloyd, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 14 years.

Melody D. Meadows, Center for English as a Second Language, 28 years.

Laurie E. Minniti, Recreational Sports and Services, 32 years.

Imogene Ann Wright, Campus Mail Service, 23 years. 


Donna Louise Dial, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield, 26 years. 

Campbell Hill

Cheryl L. Riley, Office of Teacher Education, 5 years. 


Julie Ann Bohnsack, Counseling, Quantitative Methods and Special Education, 14 years.

Sabra F. Borger, Student Health Services, 27 years.

Carla E. Coppi, Center for International Education, 33 years.

Scott R. Cralley, Physical Plant Service, 27 years.

James E. Dutton, Information Technology, 33 years.

John Andrew Evans, Institutional Research and Studies, 3 years.

Charles Flagg, Jr., Library Affairs, 16 years.

Thomas H. Furby, School of Law, 19 years.

Jon Marshall Geiger, Evaluation and Developmental Center, 32 years.

Daphne L. Grigsby, Rainbow’s End, 26 years.

Michael Haywood, College of Business, 28 years.

Larry A. Hickman, Center for Dewey Studies, 22 years.

Karla J. Johnson, Bursar, 22 years.

Larry E. Johnson, Physical Plant Service, 21 years.

Allan L. Karnes, Accountancy, 35 years.

Phyllis J. Laster Khaaliq, Affirmative Action Office, 30 years.

P. Michael Kimmel, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 31 years.

Kevin Lister, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 18 years.

Eric Paul Mandat, School of Music, 34 years.

Kristine B. McGuire, Library Affairs, 11 years.

Phillip A. Meyer, Intercollegiate Athletics, 6 years.

Kim Hamilton Miller, Health Education and Recreation, 22 years.

Donna K. Mueller, Microbiology, 27 years.

Michael Mueller, Student Center, 27 years.

Bradley Paul, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering, 26 years.

Darrell Dwayne Porter, University Housing, 16 years.

Stephen Price, Physical Plant Service, 9 years.

Donald L. Przygoda, Physical Plant Service, 6 years.

Thomas A. Saville, Center for International Education, 31 years.

Daniel W. Schumacher, University Housing, 30 years.

Vidya Singh-Gupta, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 25 years.

Bobby Leo Smith, Physical Plant Service, 28 years.

Linda McCabe Smith, Associate Chancellor-Diversity, 22 years.

Brook H. H. Thibeault, Languages, Cultures, and International Trade, 25 years.

Lyle James White, College of Education and Human Services, 26 years.

H. George Whitehead, Health Education and Recreation, 11 years.

Mary H. Wright, Mathematics, 35 years. 


Brenda Faye Calvert, Office of Teacher Education, 8 years.

Jerry G. Childress, Physical Plant Service, 12 years.

Alice A. Manis, Physical Plant Service, 25 years.

Theodore Robert Pilger, Finance, 23 years.

David Bradley Schwartz, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 27 years.

Anthony J. S. Spearing, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering, 8 years.

Diana L. St. Cin, Internal Auditor, SIU University-wide services, 26 years.

Nancy E. Vorhees, Graduate School, 28 years.

Kendall M. Wachter, Student Health Services, 26 years.

Phyllis A. West, Radio, Television, and Digital Media, 25 years. 


Richard Alan Black, Geology, 17 years.

Tony Calabrese, Kinesiology, 15 years.

Charlotte Sue Schultz, Physical Plant Service, 7 years.

Edwin W. Vogler, Kinesiology, 12 years.

Susan Jean Yates, Library Affairs, 11 years. 

De Soto

Jean Carolyn Ohms, Center for Dewey Studies, 16 years. 

Du Quoin

Robert Dale Melton, Physical Plant Service, 6 years.

Bruce Ridgeway, Physical Plant Service, 22 years. 


Philip Steven Gatton, Plant and Service Operations, 17 years.

Alexander R. James, College of Education and Human Services, 18 years. 


Anita L. Eckhardt, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 7 years.

Darryl Ray Mestel, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 26 years. 


Linda S. Walker, Workforce Education and Development, 9 years. 


Regina Lou Brown, Student Health Services, 20 years.

Harold L. Delaney, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 24 years.

Terry Eugene Jones, University Housing, 12 years.

Gordon Robert Pruett, Alumni Services, 22 years. 

Johnston City

William C. Everly, Physical Plant Service, 26 years. 


Michael L. Jarvis, University Housing, 26 years.

Jeannie Killian, Exploratory Student Advisement, 40 years.

Garland N. Killian, Physical Plant Service, 17 years.

Janell Simpson, Registrar’s Office, 25 years.

Richard H. Thomas, Zoology, 12 years.

Walter Victor Wendler, ASA School of Architecture, 14 years.

Donna Marie Wilson, Kinesiology, 29 years. 


Sheila Marie Dingrando, Rehabilitation Institute, 17 years.

Emily Sue Eldridge, Student Health Services, 19 years.

Michael Allen Langan, Evaluation and Developmental Center, 24 years.

Charla J. Lautar, ASA School of Allied Health, 20 years.

Becky S. Phillips, Student Health Services, 28 years.

Tammy Renay Pugh, Animal Science, Food, and Nutrition, 24 years. 


Ronald M. Baechle, University Farms, 21 years. 


Gloria J. Bollinger, Rainbow’s End, 23 years.

Yoginder Paul Chugh, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering, 39 years.

John Clemons, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, 39 years.

Joyce M. Cottonaro, Head Start Agency, 26 years.

Eugene E. Green, Alumni Services, 26 years.

Linda Katherine Herrold, Student Affairs, 28 years.

Cheryl A. Hines, University Housing, 29 years.

Dana M. Hunsperger, College of Engineering, 29 years.

Carolyn S. Ihle, Student Health Services, 31 years.

Melanie Kay Imhoff, Physical Plant Service, 16 years.

Melinda LaGarce, ASA School of Architecture, 26 years.

Tracey Lawyer Logeman, ASA Automotive Technology, 22 years.

Michael D. Raney, Physical Plant Service, 25 years.

Kirk L. Shores, University Housing, 27 years.

Janice Marie Swearingen, Success in Engineering through Excellence and Diversity, 15 years.

Rebecca C. Thies, AIS Office, 28 years.

Myra Jean Tucker, Curriculum and Instruction, 23 years.

Wesley W. Will, Information Technology, 20 years. 


Jerald John Bruns, Physical Plant Service, 27 years.

Mary Ann Jausel, Technology Off-Campus Degree Programs, 27 years.

Jerry L. Rieckenberg, Physical Plant Service, 7 years. 


Julie R. Weichert, Educational Administration and Higher Education, 3 years. 


Kenneth R. Knop, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 21 years. 

Tunnel Hill

Shawn Renee Johns, Accounting Services, 22 years. 


Judy Lyn Jones, Labor and Employee Relations, 22 years. 

West Frankfort

Royann Wilson, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield, 20 years. 


Michael A. Jacoby, Educational Administration and Higher Education, 2 years. 



Mary E. Hagerman, Workforce Education and Development, 15 years. 


Connie K. Plessman, Workforce Education and Development, 21 years. 


Washington, D.C.

Nettie P. Briscoe, ASA Off-Campus Academic Programs, 15 years. 



Cynthia R. Kvamme, Library Affairs, 15 years. 


Ormond Beach

Charles L. Sidell, Workforce Education and Development, 23 years. 


Steven Michael Rogers, Students’ Legal Assistance, 17 years. 


Bossier City

Jennifer R S Holt, Technology Off-Campus Degree Programs, 24 years. 



Donna M. Post, Curriculum and Instruction, 25 years. 



Gary Lynn Tally, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 21 years.