October 27, 2016

Campus-wide scan of employee computers is this weekend

The Office of Information Technology’s (OIT) security team will perform a campus-wide scan of all employee computers to detect unsecured sensitive information on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 29-30. 

To perform this scan, OIT is asking all faculty and staff to leave their computers powered on and logged in with the screen locked when leaving their office for the weekend. Employees will see the results of the scan when they return Monday, Oct. 31. 

If the scan detects unsecured sensitive information, call SalukiTech for help, or use Identity Finder to secure the information. Employees who forget to leave their workstation computers on will see the scan begin shortly after turn on their computer. 

The scan will locate sensitive information on computers to make sure it is secure. Sensitive information includes and is not limited to: Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, driver's license numbers, passport numbers, and bank account numbers. State law and university policy say that this type of information should not be stored on individual machines unless encrypted or otherwise secure. 

These scans identify sensitive information stored on computers. Over time, comparing new scans with previous scans will allow OIT to review and improve efforts to protect university information and assets from loss or theft. 

Please contact SalukiTech at 453-5155 or your local LAN administrator if you have any comments or questions about the upcoming assessment. If you experience difficulties with your workstation when you log in for the first time after Oct. 30, contact Information Security

Employees may review OIT’s Policies and Procedures to learn more about the university requirements and policies regarding sensitive information.