October 13, 2016

Fellow applications are due Nov. 14

The Office of Associate Provost for Academic Programs is announcing that applications are available for two Fellow opportunities – a Faculty Fellow for Service Learning and Volunteerism, and an Assessment Fellow position – for the spring 2017 semester. 

The program provides assistance to faculty and staff who may or may not already be responsible for program-level assessment activities and/or coordinating service learning within a college or program. The candidates are often new faculty or staff members. The hope is that the Office of Assessment and Program Review and/or the Center for Service Learning and Volunteerism will provide the individuals with the needed knowledge and expertise by collaborating on a common project. 

The fellowships are designed to be flexible in regards to time commitments. The associate provost understands that the Fellow might not be able to commit to 10 hours per week during every week of the semester and that some projects might take more than a semester to complete. The program’s purpose is to provide Fellows with guidance and support on a project that should be mutually beneficial to the department/program and the Associate Provost for Academic Program’s office. 

The Associate Provost hopes the department/program will be willing to discuss with the Fellow discretionary time, course release, GA support, and/or OTS to assist with the program’s own activities. The Provost’s office currently does not have any funds available to support these fellowships, but can provide office support and guidance on the collaboration.

All full-time faculty may apply for the Faculty Fellow for Service Learning and Volunteerism. All full-time faculty and A/P staff may apply for the Assessment Fellow program. 

Click here for additional information about the Assessment Fellow program; click here for information about Faculty Fellow for Service Learning and Volunteerism program. The application deadline is Nov. 14. For additional information, please contact the Associate Provost Office at 453-7653.