September 01, 2016

Inventory tagging rule changes

A recent state rule change regarding the marking and inventory of university equipment will result in removing approximately 11,000 bar-coded tags from certain items over the next several months.

A change in the Illinois General Assembly’s administrative code relating to equipment subject to theft is allowing agencies to remove items with an acquisition value of less than $500 from inventory, if the items are not considered high-theft risks. The state’s administrative code previously included items such as desk calculators and inexpensive cameras.

The reduction of bar-coded tags at the university will represent about 12 percent of tagged items, but only one percent of the dollar value of equipment inventory.

Property Control staff will be in contact with affected units to begin the process of removing tags from items, with a goal of finishing the project prior to the next annual inventory cycle in February. The hope is removing these items will simplify the inventory process.

After a careful analysis of loss history, an updated list of “high theft” equipment with an acquisition value between $100 and $500 has been developed. The list includes items that will continue to be tagged with bar codes and part of inventory include:

  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (drones)
  • Bicycles (vehicle only)
  • Computers (desktop, laptop, tablet)
  • Cellular telephones
  • Firearms and weapons
  • Horses
  • Licensed vehicles

Contact Loren Cook, property control, at 536-2614 with any questions.