August 04, 2016

‘Degree Works’ is now available

Faculty, staff and students now have a tool that helps monitor students’ progress toward completing their degrees in four years. 

“Degree Works” enables students who began classes in the fall of 2012 (or later) to monitor their progress toward degree completion. Students can also run scenarios based on current and future class options to estimate the time needed to earn their degree and to see the effect that changes have on their completion date. 

The "audits" created by Degree Works are unofficial assessments of a student’s academic record and are not a replacement for the professional evaluation and guidance provided by academic advisers. However, this new tool allows advisers to quickly perform real-time degree audits as a starting point for evaluating a student’s progress and facilitating advisement. 

In addition to giving students unlimited access to information and analysis, this tool reduces paperwork and manual degree checklists. Since all information is available online, Degree Works also increases communication and productivity between academic departments across campus.  

Training on Degree Works will be available throughout the fall semester. Contact Kim Little at or 453-7956.