May 26, 2016

eduroam is now active on campus

eduroam (education roaming), a secure wireless access service (Wi-Fi), is now available on campus. 

The university now subscribes to eduroam, which is available to anyone with SIU Carbondale credentials, according to the Office of Information Technology. Developed for the international research and educational community, the roaming access service also allows students and staff to gain internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions. 

Access is easy – go to the Wi-Fi selections on your device and select “eduroam” from the available options. Users must enter their Dawg Tag number and password to request access. The new service will replace “SIU-Indoor” Wi-Fi sometime this fall. 

eduroam will allow easy internet connectivity to students, faculty and staff on campus. The service will allow also allow those using SIU Carbondale credentials to connect to wireless networks around the United States and throughout the world. Active eduroam locations are available here   

To ensure connectivity worldwide, users will need to complete one additional step when initially accessing the wireless service. Complete setup instructions are available here and through SalukiTech at 453-5155.