May 12, 2016

Google Apps will end on Tuesday

The Office of Information Technology reminds faculty, staff and students who still use their university email address “” to access Google services, that access to the Google Apps domain will end permanently on Tuesday, May 17.

If you have already migrated your accounts from Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365 you will not be affected. However, users who have continued using “” to access Google Services including YouTube, Picasa, Google Voice, Google Wallet, and Play Store, need to change their settings for these services now. Several specific examples of why this change might be important to you: if you have money deposited in Goggle Voice, you will not be able to access your account; similarly, information you have entered to allow you use of Google Wallet will no longer be valid.

Additionally, any data stored on Google Drive, (Google Docs) should be migrated to another location, such as OneDrive on Microsoft 365 or to a storage device. This is important because any data still accessed using Google Apps or stored on Google Drive, for example, general data, a thesis or book, or pictures and music, will no longer be available after May 17.

Tutorials to help download your Google data and optionally upload it to your SIU OneDrive are here.

More information on Google Apps accounts and a link to reset your Google Apps password is here.

For additional help, contact SalukiTech at any time at, or by telephone at 453-5155, or toll free at (866) 718-4357.