April 11, 2016

Scam warning from Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology is alerting faculty and staff to a recent email scam and steps on how to protect personal information.

An email scam with the subject line: “Support” is circulating on campus. This email requests that users CLICK LINK BELOW. The link contains “siuhelpdesk.” This link redirects users to a page where they are asked to LOGIN by entering their username and ID. The site has been blocked by SIU, but may still be active on personal accounts outside of SIU control.

Scammers are very resourceful, so YOU must learn to protect yourself when you are online using a mobile device, computer, or gamming system. Beware of any suspicious “contact.” Contact includes email from an unknown source, email that asks you to click links, and popups or webpages that request personal information. If you suspect you have been contacted by scammers or have actually fallen for a scam, please alert information technology at scam@siu.edu.