March 03, 2016

Important Information Technology reminder

Faculty, staff and students who still use their university email address “” to access Google services, are reminded that the Office of Information Technology will close access to the Google Apps domain on May 14. 

During the past year, all user email accounts were migrated from Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365. The closure will not affect users’ email or contacts already migrated to Office 365. However, users who continue to use “” to access other Google services including Google Drive (Google Docs), Sites, YouTube, Picasa, Voice, Wallet and Play Store, need to migrate their files or change their settings for these services to a non "" Google account. 

It is important to note that information stored on Google Drive, such as research and thesis material, will be lost if not saved elsewhere. 

There are no direct methods to move account information or data from one Google account to another, and a recommendation is to create or use an existing personal Google account. It is important to take action to retain account access or data stored via Google. 

More information on Google Apps accounts and a link to reset your Google Apps password is here. 

Tutorials to help download your Google data and optionally upload it to your SIU OneDrive can be found here. SIU Carbondale OneDrive users are provided one terabyte of storage, or more than 30 times that provided by Google Drive. 

For additional help, contact SalukiTech at any time at, or by telephone at 453-5155 or toll free, 866/718-4357.