February 03, 2016

Alumni Association awards textbooks, supplies

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Thirty-eight Southern Illinois University Carbondale students received textbooks and supplies from the SIU Alumni Association during a Jan. 19 ceremony on campus. The textbooks and supplies are valued at more than $20,000. 

Since 2008, the Association’s national board of directors has earmarked investment earnings to support the financial needs of current and future SIU students. The board’s scholarship committee, with the assistance of SIU’s financial aid office, identified textbooks and supplies as an area of extreme importance to fill gaps in funding for students.  

“Several years ago, the board wanted to contribute money specifically to help students with their educational expenses,” Hazel Loucks, a national board of directors’ member and ceremony guest speaker, said. “As you well know, students face many challenges during their college years, not the least of which is the question of how to pay for it all.” 

The awards go to students who demonstrate a financial need and have a GPA of at least 3.0. The scholarships are just one way the Association helps support students at SIU Carbondale. 

A list of students who received the scholarships, along with their hometown and major are: 


  • Assumption: Brock Ohl, senior, exercise science.
  • Barry: Amanda Powell, senior, integrated marketing and advertising.
  • Benton: Ethan Overture, junior, special education.
  • Biggsville: Benjamin Alexander, senior, agriculture systems and education with a specialization in agriculture education.
  • Carbondale: Malika Ashford-Smith, sophomore, electrical and computer engineering.
  • Carbondale: Malik Wilson, junior, civil engineering.
  • Carlyle: Hannah Stamps, senior, biomedical science.
  • Champaign: Emily Miller, junior, radiologic sciences.
  • Chicago: Erick Camper, sophomore, education.
  • Chicago: Vimarie Zayas sophomore, criminal justice.
  • Christopher: Brittany Hammond, senior, biological sciences.
  • DeKalb: Patrick Martin, junior, mechanical engineering.
  • Elgin: Samantha Hennig, junior, dental hygiene.
  • Evanston: Kiron Blackwood, junior, radio/television production.
  • Litchfield: Andrew Bergman, sophomore, business management.
  • Makanda: Tiffany Walker, third year, SIU School of Law
  • Maywood: Arishna Marshall, junior, exercise science and pre-medicine.
  • Mt. Zion: Sarah Scranton, senior, special education and elementary education.
  • New Athens: Renee Kinzinger, sophomore, agribusiness economics and accounting.
  • Newton: Garrett Webb, junior, agribusiness economics and crop/soil environmental management.
  • Paxton: Brittany Walder, senior, hospitality and tourism administration.
  • Plainfield: Sarah Kovac, junior, physics and mathematics.
  • Plainfield: Nicholas Tyrell, Plainfield, senior, economics.
  • Sparta: Shayla Brown, junior, psychology and Africana studies. 


  • Cottonwood: Daen Glover, senior, aviation management.


  • Hedrick: Tiana Slaney, junior, business management.


  • Los Angeles: Phoenix Mason, second year, SIU School of Law.


  • Boulder: Mary Hall, senior, mechanical engineering.


  • East Chicago: Destiny Figueroa, junior, radio-television with a specialization in digital media arts and animation.
  • Fort Branch: Sandra Hick, second year, SIU School of Law.


  • Arnold: Stephen Lopez, junior, accounting.


  • Midway: Emily Shoaf, freshman, radiation therapy.


  • Nashville: Erica Pytleski, junior, business management.


  • Orem: David Stoddard, second year, SIU School of Law.


  • Quito: Rene Crespo Mijares, freshman, undecided.


  • Jos: Paul Egbo, senior, aviation management.
  • Lagos: Saheed Obitayo, senior, geology.


  • Seoul: Teak Jung Oh, senior, physiology.