February 01, 2016

Inaugural ‘Graduate Saluki Stories’ is available

The Graduate School has created a new publication to showcase its students, faculty and the unique experiences within its many programs. 

The first issue of “Graduate Saluki Stories” is now available online here. A limited number of printed copies also will be available in the coming weeks. Officials plan to issue the publication in the fall and spring semesters. 

Graduate Saluki Stories seeks to engage current and past graduate students by telling their unique stories, as well as encourage new and prospective graduate students to take advantage of all the Graduate School programs, Dean Yueh-Ting Lee said. He hopes people will learn more about the graduate experience by reading the publication 

“Wow, our graduate education and research are great,” Lee said. “We are very proud of SIU as a strong research university with excellent faculty members who train successful graduate students in the past, at present and in the future. Research and graduate education are the core of the mission. We continue to support our university’s mission and to be proud of our graduate students’ success.” 

“Stories” are at the heart of the new publication, Lee said, and the Graduate School has many good true-life tales to tell. 

“Life is a story-telling process in a certain sense, and our people have great stories and we need to share them with different constituencies and groups on and off campus,” Lee said. “We are here as a university or as a graduate school because of our students. We need to do our best to take good care – total care – of all our students, including recruiting new grad and undergraduate students, retaining current students and reconnecting with our alumni. 

“Collecting and sharing their successful stories is one of the ways to engagement and connection with students, alumni, and community friends, business leaders and policy makers.  We would like to collect more stories and to continue to share them with different groups on and off campus.” 

Lee credited faculty and staff members for their diligence and hard work in supporting both graduate and undergraduate students. He said graduate students’ success and excellent research reputation, along with the recognition SIU receives as a top institution, also drive and enhance undergraduate education and enrollment. He hopes the success this breeds is reflected in the pages of Graduate Saluki Stories.