December 07, 2015

508 employees recognized for service

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale Interim Chancellor Brad Colwell today (Dec. 7) recognized 508 employees for their service to the university in a ceremony and reception in the Student Center. 

The event honored employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service to SIU Carbondale. The employees have a combined total of 8,050 years of service to the university. 

The following employees, listed by hometowns and years of service, received recognition. 


Alto Pass

10 years: Walter Roy Hawk, University Housing; Gordon Scott Keith, Physical Plant Service; Julie Marie Lindsey, SIU Extended Campus; David Scott Lingle, College of Liberal Arts; Mark Steven Wilkins, University Housing. 


10 years: Carol Sue Clutts, Student Center; Diana L. Fuller-Moutell, Academic Support-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Vicki R. Lang-Mendenhall, Touch of Nature; Melissa Janelle Pind, Forestry; Judith Ann Ray, School of Law; Fred R. Stearns, Physical Plant Service; Rachel Marie Walker, Health Education and Recreation. 

15 years: Melissa Kay Carter, Procurement Services; Amy Lu Rendleman, Information Technology; Troy Lynn Wiseman, Information Technology. 

20 years: Aaron Michael Lisec, Library Affairs; Ronald Lance Van Meter, Information Technology. 

25 years: Steven Eugene Kohler, Physical Plant Service; Joseph Gerard Pineau, College of Business; Dawn Renee Wilson, Plant and Service Operations. 

30 years: Kathy Lynn Capel, Institutional Research and Studies. 


10 years: Stacy J. Cottom, Counseling Center; Cory James Rieckenberg, Physical Plant Service. 

15 years: Christine S. Davis, Workforce Education and Development. 

20 years: Brian C. Chapman, SIU University-wide Services. 


25 years: Eric C. Niederhoffer, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-School of Medicine, Carbondale. 


10 years: Stacy Tessone, Curriculum and Instruction.

15 years: Jeffrey Scott Shurtz, Center for Environmental Health and Safety.

25 years: Lisa A. Brown, Curriculum and Instruction. 


10 years: Jeff Howard Johnson, Information Technology. 


20 years: James Clifford Willis, Physical Plant Service. 


10 years: Steven Russell Smith, University Housing.

15 years: Jennifer S. Sherry, ASA School of Allied Health. 

Campbell Hill

10 years: Rebecca A. Kelley, Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences; Jodi Lynn Robertson, Student Health Services. 


10 years: Douglas R. Anderson, Philosophy; Aldwin M. Anterola, Plant Biology; Judith A. Archibold, University Housing; Anita Jean Barrett, School of Journalism; Betsy J. Bishop, Student Health Services; John E. Brajkovich, College of Engineering; Treg D. Brown, Student Health Services; David R. Burns, Radio, Television, and Digital Media; Randolph Burnside, Political Science; Sarah E. Chang, Center for English as a Second Language; Mickel Dennis Cordes, Physical Plant Service; Chifeng Dai, Economics; Susan G. Davenport, College of Liberal Arts and School of Music; Jennifer M. D’Costa, Center for English as a Second Language; Yolanda L. Dean, Head Start Agency; Gloria C. Debeljuk, Family and Community Medicine/Physician Assistant Program-School of Medicine, Carbondale; David Asher Dillard, School of Music; Jane Elizabeth Dougherty, English; Igor Sergei Dubenko, Physics; Asghar Esmaeeli, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Regena Elizabeth Flick, Curriculum and Instruction; Mallory L. Gary, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale; David Lee Golden, Student Health Services; Judith Ann Green, Educational Administration and Higher Education; Patricia A. Hoke, School of Law; Bradley Hopkins, University Housing; Amy Lynn McMorrow Hunter, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; James V. Jackson, University Housing; Gary Ray Kinsel, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Mary Elizabeth Kinsel, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; Charles P. Klayman, Languages, Cultures, and International Trade; Chester Louis Langin, Information Technology; William Novotny Lawrence, Radio, Television, and Digital Media; Jiyong Lee, School of Art and Design; Junghwa Lee, School of Music; Anthony Jacob Martinez, Cinema and Photography; Patricia Ann McGinn, Curriculum and Instruction; Kristine B. McGuire, Library Affairs; Robin Miner, Physical Plant Service; Christopher Lee Morehouse, School of Music; Cynthia M. Moultrie, University Housing; Dhrubodhi Mukherjee, School of Social Work; Dennis George Nasco, Jr., College of Business; Dann David Nelson, Intercollegiate Athletics; Harry James Nelson, Management; Kay Marie Nelson, Management; Ryan A. Netzley, English; Zowadi R. Owens, Alumni Services; Cinzia Padovani, Radio, Television, and Digital Media; Meungguk Park, Kinesiology; Cornelius Augustus Pereira, School of Law Library; Basharat A. Pitafi, Economics; Sheila Renee Puckett, University Farms; Vincent P. Rhomberg, Theater; Mark P. Robinson, Travel Service; Joseph Michael Scimeca, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; Yanyan Sheng, Counseling, Qualitative Methods, and Special Education; Cynthia Howard Sims, Workforce Education and Development; Stacey Loughrey Sloboda, School of Art and Design; Gena Rae Stack, New Student Programs; Jean L. Stafford, Curriculum and Instruction; Charles L. Staley, Information Technology; April D. Strader, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Jale Tezcan, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Stacy Dawn Thompson, Curriculum and Instruction; Susie A. Toliver, School of Social Work; Marilyn M. Updike, Technology Off-Campus Degree Programs; Audrey Romaine Wagner, Geography and Environmental Resources; Julie Marie Weinert, Geography and Environmental Resources; Ning Weng, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Gregory Warren Whitledge, Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences; Robert Wigfall, Information Technology; Derrick Shane Wright, Transfer Student Services; Jianhong Xu, Mathematics; Melinda L. Yeomans, University Honors Program. 

15 years: Robert Augustyniak, University Housing; Sandra Nagel Beebe, ASA School of Allied Health; Getahun Benti, History; Christine W. Blackburn, Institutional Research and Studies; Lori Crenshaw Bryant, Students’ Legal Assistance; Scott Alson Comparato, Political Science; Lance Colin Crombar, Physical Plant Service; Mark R. Dixon, Rehabilitation Institute; Charles Donald Flagg, Jr., Library Affairs; Melinda Jane George, Head Start Agency; Themistoklis Haniotakis, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Matthew Eric Herman, Registrar’s Office; Gabriele H. Hoffmann, Education and Curriculum; Philip C. Howze, Library Affairs; Holly S. Hurlburt, History; Scott E. Ishman, College of Science/Geology; Cynthia Kathleen Jones, Intercollegiate Athletics; Xiaodong Jung, ASA School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies; Darla Kay Karnes, Accountancy;  Terri I. Lavin, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; Susan Patricia Liemer, School of Law; Cheng-Ching Lin, AIS Office; Raymond Joseph Lockard, Student Center; Michelle Y. McLernon, Student Health Services; Michael Clayton McQuinley, Library Affairs; Darrell Dwayne Porter, University Housing; John D. Reeve, Zoology; Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Rehabilitation Institute; Collette Gail Ross, Student Health Services; Robert William Rowley, Cinema and Photography; Dwight Robert Sanders, Agribusiness Economics; Joseph A. Schafer, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice; Matthew Schlesinger, Psychology; Gary Robert Shafer, ASA Aviation Management and Flight; Gregory Scott Simmons, Procurement Services; Michael J. Soltys, Center for Teaching Excellence; Matthew Sronkoski, College of Liberal Arts; Dale Hadley Vitt, Plant Biology; Sheryl Ann Walker, Project 12 Ways; James A. Wall, Radio, Television, and Digital Media; Cherie B. Watson, Library Affairs; Matt R. Whiles, Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory/Zoology; John Wood, Student Health Services; Elizabeth Perille Yates, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield. 

20 years: Serge Abrate, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Elaine H. Atwood, College of Applied Sciences and Arts; Michelle Renee Bryant, Department of Public Safety;

Norman F. Carver III, Computer Science; Lizette R. Chevalier, College of Engineering/Civil and Environmental Engineering; William Connors, University Housing; William R. Crippen, Physical Plant Service; Sherry J. Des Jardins, Center for Teaching Excellence; Sally A. Ellis, University Housing; D. Scott Frisch, ASA School of Architecture; Joyce M. Guy, Head Start Agency; Lisa G. Hawkins, ASA Aviation Management and Flight; Patricia S. Heckman, University Housing; Larry E. Johnson, Physical Plant Service; Rasit Koc, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Meera Komarraju, Psychology; Kamran Mogharreban, AIS Office; Kathy Lynn Patterson, Bursar; William Mark Popejoy, Physical Plant Service; Anthony Joseph Steinbock, Philosophy; Kristina T. Stepps, Intercollegiate Athletics; Glenn Stine, University Housing; Mary K. Taylor, Library Affairs; Susan Marie Walch-Pimentel, Internal Auditor, SIU University-wide Services; Dennis Watson, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems; Johnell Young, University Housing. 

25 years: Laurie Ann Achenbach, College of Science; Motier Daniel Becque, Kinesiology; Tsuchin Chu, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Marguerite Connors, University Housing; Robin D. Cooper, University Housing; Mike R. Crouse, Bursar; Suzanne Marie Daughton, Communication Studies; David Louis Dilalla, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Lisabeth A. Dilalla, Family and Community Medicine/Behavioral Social Science-School of Medicine, Carbondale; John S. Haller, Office of the President; Frances J. Harackiewicz, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Kenneth Lee Henderson, Intercollegiate Athletics; Colleen Patricia Kuczynski, Evaluation and Developmental Center; Usha Lakshmanan, Psychology; Nancy M. McCalla, Agribusiness Economics; Sarah Merideth, Education and Curriculum-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Bradley Paul, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering; Donna M. Post, Curriculum and Instruction; Michael D. Raney, Physical Plant Service; Charlotte Ann Sarao, College of Agricultural Sciences; Elizabeth A. Scally, University Housing; Kita C. Sherrill, University Housing; Vidya Singh-Gupta, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Nathan P. Stucky, Communication Studies; Marian L. Woodside, Psychology. 

30 years: Om Prakash Agrawal, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Carla E. Coppi, Center for International Education; Karen Stoelzle Midden, College of Agricultural Sciences; Michelle P. Neill, Center for International Education; Carbondale; Judy S. Rains, Zoology; Daniel W. Schumacher, University Housing; Mary J. Wallace, Information Technology; Cheryl Jenise Wilson, College of Engineering; Tomasz Wiltowski, Coal Extraction and Utilization Research Center. 

35 years: Mariann M. Baratta, University Housing; William V. Crimando, Rehabilitation Institute; Aslam Kassimali, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Mary H. Wright, Mathematics. 

45 years: Roy C. Heidinger, Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences;

John S. Jackson III, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute. 


10 years: John James Rhiner, School of Social Work. 


10 years: Kristy Joy Beights, University Communications and Marketing; James Craig Bigogno, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts; Donna Lyn Compton, Intercollegiate Athletics; Timothy James Crosby, University Communications and Marketing; Matthew J. Giblin, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice; Sherrie A. Harlow, School of Social Work; Scott Paul Hendricks, Accountancy; Darwin S. Koch, Rehabilitation Institute; Kevin Murray Krongos, ASA Aviation Management and Flight; Kathy L. McCabe, University Housing; Prema Narayan, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Deborah Jean Nelson; General Counsel and Legal Affairs-SIU University-wide Services; Patricia Ann Pinson, University Housing; Frances Keller Shafer, Curriculum and Instruction; John K. Shelton, University Housing; Sharon G. Spence, University Housing; John Charles Winters, University Housing. 

15 years: Jodi Kay Boese, Undergraduate Admissions; Jennifer Lee Hanley, Head Start Agency; Debra D. Henderson, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Barbara Ann Lipe; College of Applied Sciences and Arts; Dawn Christina Null, Student Health Services; Karen M. Samuel, Rainbow’s End; Sherri L. Thomas-Rich, Human Resources; Elizabeth Kay Vanzandt, Physical Plant Service. 

20 years: Suzanne Elizabeth Babbitt, Graduate School; Jonathan J. Bean, History; Betty Lanice Black, Financial Aid Office; Duane Lowell Spencer, Physical Plant Service; Richard Scott Taylor, University Housing. 

25 years: Kindra Dawn Ferrell, Intercollegiate Athletics; Terri R. Harfst, Financial Aid Office; Cheryl A. Holder, University Honors Program; Pamela J. Nelson, Registrar’s Office; Charles Michael Rann, Financial Aid Office; Phylis A. West, Radio, Television, and Digital Media. 

30 years: Pamela Joy Walls, College of Liberal Arts. 

35 years: Cynthia L. Filla, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-School of Medicine, Carbondale. 


20 years: Reynaldo Diaz, Undergraduate Admissions; 


10 years: Timothy F. Janello, ASA Automotive Technology. 

15 years: Amanda Jane Ingram, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; Philip J. Jensik, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale. 


10 years: Kerry J. Grunloh, College of Agricultural Sciences; Teri S. McSherry, ASA School of Allied Health; Barbara Niechciol, Human Resources; James Brett Shuck, Travel Service; Susan Jean Yates, Library Affairs. 

15 years: Tony Calabrese, Kinesiology; Vickie Glasco, Human Resources; Patricia Ross McCubbin, School of Law; John S. Remsey, Office of Economic and Regional Development. 

20 years: Linda Diane Laird, Department of Public Safety. 

25 years: Jerry Carlis Monteith, School of Art and Design; William E. Null, Student Center. 


10 years: Leigh Ann Warner, School of Social Work. 


10 years: Nancy K. Kinley, School of Social Work. 

Creal Springs

10 years: Larry L. Cludray, University Housing. 

20 years: Jay R. Spolarich, Jr., Information Technology. 

De Soto

10 years: Chelsea Lin Johnson, University Communications and Marketing; Scott K. Schonewolf, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield; Terri Lynn Sinkhorn, Curriculum and Instruction; Kevin Shane Winget, Physical Plant Service. 

15 years: Brenda Joyce Lindsey, University Housing; Stacey R. McGee, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Blake Alan Mulholland, Printing and Duplicating Service; Edgardo Rene Pimentel, Student Health Services; Jessica H. Piper, Travel Service; Kandace Denise Riddle, Library Affairs; Carolyn S. Skouby, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Deborah Ann Whitbeck, Rainbow’s End. 

20 years: Trevor W. Boros, University Housing. 

30 years: Donna J. Schumaier, Career Services. 

Du Quoin

10 years: Darren A. Crews, Physical Plant Service; Timothy W. Porter, Physical Plant Service; Grover Dale Ramsey, Physical Plant Service; Heather Dawn Willis, College of Business. 

15 years: Tawmi Conley, Intercollegiate Athletics; Juliana F. Roznowski, Broadcasting Service.

Julie Dawn Rudloff, University Housing; Jonathan Wayne Sanders; Physical Plant Service; Kristy A. White, School of Law; Debra Woll, Student Health Services.

20 years: David K. House, Physical Plant Service; Bruce Ridgeway, Physical Plant Service;

East Peoria

10 years: Angela M. Knight, School of Social Work. 


10 years: Judy Ann Slosar, School of Social Work. 


10 years: Jeffrey Allen Holmes, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Jesus Rosado, Recreational Sports and Services; James L. Seaward, Physical Plant Service. 

15 years: Terry Lee Jaroski, Student Health Services; Michael Lynn Smith, ASA School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies. 

25 years: Mary Angela Randolph, College of Education and Human Services. 


10 years: Nathan James Bonner, Student Center; Seth Robert Kohlhaas, College of Liberal Arts. 


10 years: Ruthann Marie Homeyer, Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences. 


25 years: Twyla D. Adkisson-Peak, SIU Foundation Carbondale. 


15 years: Lawrence J. Christopher, Jr., Physical Plant Service. 

25 years: John K. Voges, ASA Aviation Management and Flight. 

30 years: Sonja Lee Henning, Curriculum and Instruction. 


10 years: Terry G. Beers, Physical Plant Service. 

15 years: Terre H. Eversden, Workforce Education and Development. 


10 years: Bethany A. Dynis, School of Social Work; Michelle Renee Garrett, Career Services; Kristy J. McClurken, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Jamie Lee Radake, Physical Plant Service; Jerry Alan Rea, Physical Plant Service; Colin Robinson, Center for English as a Second Language; Stephen Eric Serati, University Housing. 

15 years: Renee Jones, Head Start Agency; Avis Myers, School of Law Library; Nancy J. Odle, Procurement Services; James D. Sissom, ASA School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies. 

20 years: Regina Lou Brown, Student Health Services; Stephen A. North, Broadcasting Service; Gordon Robert Pruett, Alumni Services; Karen F. Rowland, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; Alicia Hill Ruiz, School of Law; Thomas Allen Shaw, College of Applied Sciences and Arts/School of Allied Health; Thomas W. Sienkowski, University Housing. 

25 years: Kathleen A. Jones, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale. 

40 years: Diane R. Meierkort, Curriculum and Instruction. 


10 years: Donald E. Inchcliff, University Housing. 

15 years: Pamela S. Gwaltney, University Honors Program. 

20 years: Denis C. Gwaltney, Physical Plant Service. 


20 years: Shelley L. Fowler, Student Health Services. 

Johnston City

10 years: Kathy Anne Abney, Financial Aid Office; Terry A. Myers, Curriculum and Instruction. 

15 years: Maria Kristine Priddy, University Press; Eric W. Smith, Department of Public Safety. 

25 years: John K. Dobbins, ASA School of Architecture. 


10 years: Sarah E. Gibbs, Student Health Services; Tina M. Jerolds, School of Social Work. 


10 years: Michael L. Brewer, Physical Plant Service; Frank M. Chipasula, Africana Studies; Jill E. Escue, School of Social Work; John Tugaw Legier, Jr., ASA School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies; Beth Ann Martell, Library Affairs; Daniel T. Smyth III, University Housing. 

15 years: Meredi Ann Anders, Student Health Services; Christopher P. Crews, Student Center; Yong Gao, Chemistry and Biochemistry; James Edward Garvey, Vice Chancellor for Research; Nancy R. Henry, Anatomy-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Janice Ione Thompson, Radio, Television, and Digital Media; Thomas David Upton, Rehabilitation Institute; Mingqing Xiao, Mathematics. 

20 years: William Joseph Banz, Animal Science Food and Nutrition; Diana Lynn Gasa, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering; Georgia Lee Hefler, Rainbow’s End; Heidi Lynn Jung, Center for Teaching Excellence; Susan Jo Parks, Office of the President. 

30 years: David G. Gilbert, Psychology; Linda Lou Wheetley, Human Resources. 


10 years: Tamarah Andrea Cook, University Communications and Marketing; Lorie Lynn Elsasser, University Housing; Gary Wayne Lannom, Physical Plant Service; Timothy M. Marlo, Alumni Services; Gary W. Mausey, Physical Plant Service; Kenneth L. McAnelly, Office of Teacher Education; Michael W. Olson, Kinesiology; Carrie L. Smith, Workforce Education and Development. 

15 years: Robert A. Broomfield, ASA School of Allied Health; Joseph Christian Hirschi, Illinois Clean Coal Institute; Brenda Kay Prell, SIU Foundation Carbondale. 

20 years: Treina L. Basham, Information Technology; Deborah Kay Blair, Curriculum and Instruction; Charla J. Lautar, ASA School of Allied Health; William Mayers, Physical Plant Service; Gilbert Dean Thomas, Physical Plant Service; Jackie Renee Welch, Conference and Scheduling Services. 

25 years: Lisa Ann Rainey, Illinois Clean Coal Institute; Michael Paul Trude, Undergraduate Admissions. 

30 years: Linda L. Floro, Recreational Sports and Services. 


15 years: Nela Dawn Miller, Department of Public Safety. 


10 years: Tim Lyle Attig, College of Engineering; Alice A. Berry, School of Music;

Kimberly Dawn Bock, Student Health Services; Allen D. Brenning, University Housing;

Jaime Britt Conley-Holt, Career Services; Elizabeth J. Cox, Library Affairs; Thomas J. Gordon, University Housing; Michael Howard Guetersloh, Physical Plant Service; Deborah S. Hanson, College of Science; Amanda Gail Hine, College of Liberal Arts; Karen Jo Johnson, ASA Aviation Technologies; Susan Joy King, College of Liberal Arts; Deborah L. Layne, Printing and Duplicating Service; Alex Lopez, School of Art and Design; Larry A. McKenzie, Jr., Kinesiology; Margaret J. Nolan, Head Start Agency; Heidi E. Ramos-Zimmerman, School of Law; Laura Ann Rowald, Student Health Services; Michael J. Schoeppel, Construction Management Services; Kathy Jo Torgesen, School of Social Work; Tequila Anne Young, First-Year Advisement; Robbi L. Zirkelbach, Curriculum and Instruction. 

15 years: Lori Ann Austin, School of Law; Randall Eugene Auxier, Philosophy; Robert A. Baer, Physics; Shayla Kay Duran, First-Year Advisement; Lisa M. Easton, University Housing; Suzanne Ward Goad, Transfer Student Services; Jeffrey A. Hayes, ASA Aviation Management and Flight; Jennifer Jane Howell, Associate Chancellor-Diversity; Sarah Elizabeth Junk, Student Center; Wayne K. Larsen, University Press; Tina Renee Logan, Procurement Services;

Matthew McCarroll, Fermentation Science Institute/Chemistry and Biochemistry; Shelley M. Perez, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; Jason Paul Russell, Department of Public Safety; Lana Starnes, Information Systems/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Janice Marie Swearingen, Success in Engineering through Excellence and Diversity; Kim Alane Taylor, College of Agricultural Sciences; Lisa Threlkeld, Information Technology; Robert Christopher Williams, Physical Plant Service; Nancy Renee Wright, Procurement Services. 

20 years: Kevin Eugene Boucher, Broadcasting Service; Loren A. Cook, Property Control;

Jackie L. Cox, College of Education and Human Services; Randy J. Dunn, Office of the President; Julie Kaye Dunston, Technology; José Raul Ruiz, ASA Aviation Management and Flight; Lorelei Elizabeth Ruiz, ASA Aviation Management and Flight; Margie Diann Smith, Marketing; Angela Margaret Stanley, Physical Plant Service; Bonnie I. Stoffel, Accounting Services; Jeffrey Dean Wright, Accounting Services. 

25 years: Kerri C. Blaylock, Intercollegiate Athletics; Paula L. Chapa, Clinical Center; Martha Sue Clarke, Physical Plant Service; Janice Ann Fiorino, Library Affairs; Eugene E. Green, Alumni Services; Linda Katherine Herrold, Student Affairs/MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Cathy Janette Layne, Family and Community Medicine/Physician Assistant Program-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Daniel V. Overturf, Cinema and Photography; Gina Denise Raney, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Ratna Sinha, Graduate School. 

30 years: Thomas M. Alexander, Philosophy; Michael Barta, School of Music; Stephen Oscar Buhman, University Communications and Marketing; Judith Ann Rose, Sociology. 

35 years: Stephen Thomas Tyman, Philosophy. 


15 years: Craig Thomas Neville, ASA Aviation Management and Flight. 

New Burnside

20 years: John Frederick Daly, Information Technology. 

Normal Township

10 years: Mario Di Biase, School of Social Work. 


10 years: Raymond Charles Baker, School of Social Work; Veronica JoAnn Canty, School of Social Work; Julia R. Gray, School of Social Work; Roberta Lee West, School of Social Work. 


10 years: Paul Brent Hitchens, Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences. 

15 years: Toby Len Jones, Information Systems/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Brandon Lee Mohr, Accounting Services; Trudy M. Ruffino, University Housing. 


10 years: James Aaron Bourland, Information Technology; Gina Renee Dudley, Head Start Agency. 

15 years: Christina L. Holmes, Physical Plant Service. 


20 years: Rhonda Sue Rothrock, Cinema and Photography.  


10 years: David John Gorenz, School of Social Work. 


10 years: Shirley A. Davis, University Housing; Lorrie J. Lefler, Student Affairs. 


10 years: Scott R. Wittenborn, Printing and Duplicating Service. 


10 years: Virginia L. Cooper, General Counsel and Legal Affairs-University-wide Services; Lucas Dale Crater, General Counsel and Legal Affairs-University-wide Services; Melissa Ann Remolina, School of Social Work. 


25 years: Michelle L. Richerson, AIS Office. 


15 years: Tina Jo Galik, Office of the President. 

25 years: Mary Elizabeth Nippe, Human Resources. 


10 years: Tiffany G. Alstat, Printing and Duplicating Service; Toni R. Atnip, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs-University-wide Services; Harold Carl Zoller, Physical Plant Service. 

20 years: Kevin Earl Rendleman, Physical Plant Service. 


10 years: Tina A. Colson, Health Education and Recreation. 

15 years: Russell Dean Bailey, University Communications and Marketing. 

West Frankfort

15 years: Barbara A. Roberts, University Housing; David Schultz, Key Control. 


10 years: Julie Tate, Curriculum and Instruction. 


10 years: Lisa Ann Bass, School of Social Work. 


10 years: Johnnie Kay Downen, University Housing. 

15 years: Vicky Lynn Edwards, University Housing. 



20 years: Connie K. Plessman, Workforce Education and Development. 


Jacksonville Beach 

20 years: Sally A. Haynes, Workforce Education and Development. 


Cape Girardeau

20 years: Katherine M. Miller, Student Health Services. 


20 years: Laurie R. Ryznyk, Family and Community Medicine/Physician Assistant Program-School of Medicine, Carbondale. 

New London

10 years: Tresa Renee Richardson, School of Social Work. 

St. Louis

15 years: Steven Todd Graham, Communication Studies. 

St. Peters

10 years: Jeffrey P. Kutterer, Technology Off-Campus Degree Programs. 



25 years Judy A. Henneman, Workforce Education and Development.