October 01, 2015

Museum to host exhibits reception on Oct. 2

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. – There’s a difference between taking a picture and capturing an image. Photographer Barry Wolf goes a few steps further by taking those captured images and digitally manipulating them into works of magic. He’ll tell his audience a little bit about how he does that when he visits Southern Illinois University Carbondale on Friday, Oct. 2. 

Wolf will attend the opening reception for several exhibits at the University Museum in Faner Hall, and will talk with several classes during his visit. The exhibit reception, which is open to the public with no admission charge, is 4-7 p.m. in the University Museum atrium. 

Wolf’s exhibit, “Click to See: Barry Wolf’s Photographs 2000-2015,” covers an array of topics, from landscapes to monuments, wild animals to clowns. “I’m always striving to present attention-getting images, ones that will stick in your mind,” he wrote in a recent blog entry. His exhibit offers many opportunities for visitors to determine if he’s met his goal. 

Wolf sees the whole and he sees the detail inside the whole. His portfolio series portray the beauty of a flower’s natural architecture; the diversity of America as seen in its landscape; the metamorphosis of cars in a desert wrecking yard; and the vanishing America of the 20th Century. His work is available through galleries in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Minn., Scottsdale, Ariz. and London, England. 

Other exhibits also celebrated in the reception are:

• Kelpe’s Wheeler Hall Library Mural: A Digital Restoration

• Kyle Kinser: Collaborations

• Carol Good: Light and Dark – Impressions in Watercolor and Glass

• Steve Mueller: Ben Gelman’s Railroad Photographs

• Restoring a Civil War Era Painting: “The U.S.S. Switzerland”

• A Flatboat Excavation 

The exhibits highlighted in this reception are on display now through Dec. 12. There is no admission charge to the University Museum, thought donations are always welcome.