September 14, 2015

Conference and scheduling services are merging

Two existing departments that cater to conferences, camps and event scheduling are merging. 

Conference and Scheduling Services will consist of the existing Student Center Office and the conference and camp divisions of Continuing Education and Outreach (CEO). The new consolidated department will fall under the umbrella of the Student Center and will be transitioning to the building’s second floor in the same location as the former CEO office. 

The non-credit programming and professional development side of CEO will move to Extended Campus under a new name -- Continuing Education and Professional Development. 

With this merger, facilitation of conferences, camps and event scheduling for events in and around the Student Center will continue to develop as they work together to create efficiencies and offer new services. 

For Conference and Scheduling Services, contact Sarah VanVooren at 453-3472 or For Continuing Education and Professional Development, contact Karen Stallman at