August 10, 2015

Kentucky art students have new pathway to SIU

by Andrea Hahn

CARBONDALE, Ill. – A new articulation agreement between Southern Illinois University Carbondale and West Kentucky Community and Technical College will streamline pathways for WKCTC graduates to transfer into the School of Art and Design at SIU. The agreement includes nine specializations within the bachelor of fine arts program. 

The agreement, signed today (Aug. 10) on the WKCTC campus in Paducah, allows WKCTC graduates with an Associate in Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts to transfer smoothly into bachelor of fine arts specializations at SIU. The agreement applies to all 16 colleges in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. 

“This is our third articulation agreement with WKCTC in three years, and we appreciate the opportunity to expand and enhance this collaborative effort,” SIU System President Randy Dunn said. “We now have 72 program articulation agreements with institutions throughout the U.S., and another 84 are in the review stage. These are strong indicators of the importance we place on working closely with our community college colleagues to create greater opportunities for students." 

Articulation is a formal process standardizing transfer agreements between a community college and departments within the university. Upon completion of the associate of fine arts degree from WKCTC, students who meet SIU’s admission requirements may enter the bachelor of fine arts degree program, bringing 61 applicable credit hours with them. 

SIU provides a recommended student transfer planning guide for each area of specialization within the agreement. This planning guide includes suggested core curriculum, elective and major foundation courses for students to take at WKCTC that will transfer as credits to SIU.  This agreement makes the transfer process predictable for students. 

Barbara Veazey, president of WKCTC, cheered the opportunity to promote the arts by making smoother paths for new artists. 

“Southern Illinois University has an outstanding fine arts program, and we are very proud to offer our Associate in Fine Art degree graduates the opportunity to have a seamless transfer,” she said. “West Kentucky developed the AFA degree as we worked so hard on the Paducah School of Art and Design, and that degree is now available for other Kentucky Community and Technical College colleges.” 

She noted that community involvement also contributed to the growth of the Paducah School of Art and Design at WKCTC. “It will only grow and get better, and we need to provide our students the opportunity to move to the baccalaureate level. SIU had partnered with the college on other degree opportunities for our students and a great collaboration exists.” 

Susan Ford, SIU’s interim provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, noted the tangible support SIU gives this agreement. 

“The importance of this partnership is underscored by the fact that we have an undergraduate admissions coordinator assigned specifically to West Kentucky students to ensure a seamless transfer experience,” she said. “We look forward to welcoming more talented Kentucky students into the Saluki family.” 

Meera Korammaju, dean of the College of Liberal Arts at SIU, said she is happy to support the agreement. “I am delighted to have this articulation agreement with West Kentucky Community and Technical College. It will give students the opportunity to continue their program of study at SIU and attain their bachelor’s degree under the guidance of highly talented faculty and with varied coursework.” 

The areas of specialization for a bachelor’s degree in fine arts under this articulation agreement are: ceramics, communication design, drawing, glass, industrial design, metalsmithing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. 

“This articulation can benefit students with a wide range of interests in art and design,” Marie Bukowski, director of SIU’s School of Art and Design, said. “The advantage is these students will have a solid foundation in art, art history and design as they move into their specializations. This will give SIU the opportunity to work with a diverse group of talented students across an array of disciplines.” 

The transfer agreement will provide a clearly delineated career pathway for students who want to extend their learning by obtaining a baccalaureate degree, said KCTCS Chancellor Rhonda Tracy. “This opportunity for advanced learning will benefit students who want to upskill their current knowledge base or who want to enhance their job opportunities,” she said. “We anticipate high levels of student interest in this new pathway.” 

Tena Payne, vice provost of academic affairs at WKCTC, said the agreement provides a good next step for students who have gained a solid art and design foundation at the Paducah School of Art and Design. 

“The Paducah School of Art and Design provides the first two years of a strong educational experience with qualified and highly talented faculty,” she said. “This agreement provides a sound basis for a bachelor’s degree in art and design as recognized by SIU.” 

Paul Aho, dean of the Paducah School of Art and Design, noted that the agreement will enable more students to complete a full baccalaureate course of study in fine arts. 

“The articulation agreement and its accompanying degree plans assure our students a seamless and predictable transition from our two-year programs into SIU’s outstanding fine art and design specializations,” Aho said. “Coupled with SIU’s in-state tuition for our students, we have created a new and compelling pathway for our students to continue their studies and earn bachelor of fine arts degrees from this outstanding institution.” 

Kentucky students benefit from an in-state tuition equivalency offered to students in SIU’s neighboring states. In addition to students from Kentucky, students in Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee and Wisconsin may apply for border state tuition. 

SIU already has several other articulation agreements with WKCTC, including agreements in automotive technology, general/occupational technical studies and general education.