December 18, 2014

A/P Staff Council expands; seek nominations

Elections next month for the university’s Administrative/Professional (A/P) Staff Council will provide for a larger, more representative group. The deadline to return nominations for constituency sectors with vacancies is Jan. 6.

The council earlier amended its operating paper in two areas in an effort to improve representation of the A/P staff constituency. The changes increase the number of “sectors” from which representatives are elected from two to eight, and lowers the representative-to-constituent ratio – from one representative per 50 constituents to one representative per 30 constituents.

Prior to the change, the more than 600 A/P-designated staff were divided into just two sectors: academic or general. The new eight-sector format will make it easier for council members to identify and interact with their specific constituents. The list of the new sectors and distribution of representatives is available here.

The five sectors with vacancies after current council members are assigned, with their representative areas are:

  • Sector 2 (Representing College of Liberal Arts, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, College of Business) – 1 vacancy.
  • Sector 4 (Representing College of Education) – 1 vacancy.
  • Sector 6 (Representing units that report to the Provost, Library and Information Technology) – 3 vacancies.
  • Sector 7 (Representing units that report to the vice chancellor for Finance) – 1 vacancy.
  • Sector 8 (Representing Intercollegiate Athletics) – 1 vacancy.

A/P staff members are encouraged to self-nominate or nominate a co-worker to serve on the council, which meets monthly to advocate for A/P staff issues.

Elections for those sectors with vacancies will be early next month, with new council members seated on Feb. 18. For more information, contact Kathy Jones at 453-5279 or