October 08, 2014

University to honor 156 retired employees

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale will honor 156 retired employees at a ceremony and reception later this week in the Student Center. 

Interim Chancellor Paul D. Sarvela will honor the retired employees at 1:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 9, in Ballroom D. The reception follows in the International Lounge. The recognition is for university employees who retired between July 1, 2013 and July 31, 2014. 

The retired employees had 3,642 years of combined experience with the university. Of these retired employees, 69 had 20 or more years of service to SIU Carbondale, 31 had 30 or more years, five had 40 or more years, and one employee had 51 years of service. 

Here are the retired employees listed by hometowns, departments and years of service.



Janet Louise Golliher, Continuing Education and Outreach, 16 years.

Cynthia Kessler-Criswell, Educational Administration and Higher Education, 24 years.

Judith V. McFadden, School of Social Work, 27 years.

Elyse Lamm Pineau, Speech Communication, 23 years.


Elizabeth E. Cottom, Flight Services, 28 years.


William R. Caldwell, ASA Aviation Management and Flight, 7 years, deceased.


Rosemary Cavallari, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 24 years.

Karen L. Tucker, Illinois Clean Coal Institute, 23 years.

Buffalo Grove

Carolyn Lee Mohr, Curriculum and Instruction, 10 years.


Lisa Lynne Tripp, General Counsel and Legal Affairs, SIU University-wide services, 31 years.


Karen P. Algee, Office of Teacher Education, 6 years.

Peter H. Argersinger, History, 15 years.

Deborah D. Babcock, Human Resources, 17 years.

Harold R. Bardo, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 48 years.

Diann Sue Bauer, Labor and Employee Relations, 27 years.

Richard F. Bortz, Workforce Education and Development, 46 years.

Nazeih M. Botros, Electrical and Computer Engineering, 29 years.

Clarence L. Boykins, Information Technology, 30 years.

Dianne Christy, Continuing Education and Outreach, 22 years.

Michael W. Collard, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 20 years.

Thomas Connelley, Student Center, 26 years.

Betty Jean Covington, Physical Plant Service, 14 years.

Herschel A. Davis, University Housing, 9 years.

Patricia Sue Eckert, Continuing Education and Outreach, 35 years.

Philip Feinsilver, Mathematics, 35 years.

Kathleen Cecilia Ginther, School of Music, 15 years.

Robbie J. Glaser, University Housing, 24 years.

Richard L. Grabowski, Economics, 34 years.

John L. Graig, Physical Plant Service, 21 years.

Scott J. Hagler, Physical Plant Service, 23 years.

Jane Marie Hinze, Kinesiology, 18 years.

Frank G. Houdek, School of Law, 29 years.

Piroska E. Huvos, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 15 years.

Alfred Jackson, University Housing, 15 years.

Allan L. Karnes, College of Business, 33 years.

David A. Kidd, Broadcasting Service, 24 years.

Elizabeth I. Lewin, Educational Administration and Higher Education, 17 years.

Sharon Sue Lipe, Intercollegiate Athletics, 24 years.

John R. Magney, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies, 22 years.

Olise M. Mandat, Geography and Environmental Resources, 32 years.

D. John McIntyre, Curriculum and Instruction, 36 years.

Joyce L. Metcalf, Library Affairs, 21 years.

Bonnie L. Miller, School of Law, 20 years.

Claire Mitchell, College of Mass Communications and Media Arts, 30 years.

Thomas M. Mitchell, Economics, 30 years.

Salah-Eldin A. Mohammed, Mathematics, 29 years.

Donald Dean Mullison, Counseling Center, 24 years.

Elizabeth Porter, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 19 years.

Patricia Sue Richter, Department of Public Safety, 26 years.

J. Kevin Roth, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies, 4 years.

Sara Long Roth, Animal Science Food and Nutrition, 25 years.

George E. Schedler, Philosophy, 40 years.

Dallas R. Service, Center for Teaching Excellence, 24 years.

Bill Shields, Workforce Education and Development, 51 years.

Judy Simpson, Library Affairs, 26 years.

Susan Jean Smith, Traffic and Parking, 23 years.

Frank L. Stemper, School of Music, 30 years.

John H. Summey, Marketing, 35 years.

Cynthia Lee Taylor, Student Center, 29 years.

Trina Kaye Thomas, Broadcasting Service, 26 years.

Leigh A. Tiebout, School of Allied Health, 30 years.

Pamela Anne Umlauf-Brown, Student Health Services, 29 years.

Linda K. Vineyard, Information Technology, 28 years.

Raymond Francis Wacker, Accountancy, 24 years.

Mehdi R. Zargham, Computer Science, 30 years.


Connie J. Baker, School of Social Work, 23 years.

Lowell Wayne Berentsen, Aviation Technologies, 10 years.

James Louis Carl, Undergraduate Admissions/Enrollment Management, 29 years.

Larry Wesley Gardner, Bursar, 25 years.

Becky Anne Johnson, School of Social Work, 7 years.

Shelly K. Mudd, University Housing, 27 years.

Thomas Leroy Newton, Intercollegiate Athletics, 18 years.

Carol A. Reynolds, College of Education and Human Services, 25 years.

Todd Dee Sigler, Department of Public Safety, 29 years.

Nancy S. Vale, Mathematics, 49 years.

Tammy Lee Winter, Library Affairs, 29 years.

Lynette R. Wright, University Housing, 31 years.


Joan Ball, Theater, 22 years.

Patrick C. Brumleve, University Housing, 28 years.

Suzanne Lee Garoian, Vice Chancellor for Research, 23 years.

Pamela Jacobini, Physiology-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 24 years.

Sherri M. Lukes, School of Allied Health, 26 years.

Sandra F. Partridge, Accounting Services, 29 years.

De Soto

Linda Burroughs, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, 27 years.

David A. NewMyer, Aviation Management and Flight, 38 years.

Paula J. Parks, Workforce Education and Development, 19 years.

Dana J. Vinyard, Information Technology, 24 years.


JoAnne C. Roler, Curriculum and Instruction, 10 years.

Du Quoin

John Rex Duncan, Office of Economic and Regional Development, 11 years.

Barbara Suzanne McCrary, Office of Assessment and Program Review, 21 years.

Judith A. Melton, Learning Support and Testing Services, 8 years.

Jeffrey Keith Myers, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 23 years.


Keith F. Mortag, Aviation Management and Flight, 27 years.


Michele Rushing, College of Agricultural Sciences, 29 years.


Judith Ann Macrowski, Curriculum and Instruction, 8 years.


Jeanine Bulliner-Ross, University Housing, 29 years.

Russell Chiaventone, Payroll, Human Resources, 26 years.

Sharon Mae Richardson, Department of Public Safety, 18 years.

Vera L. Slankard, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 30 years.

Brenda K. Winkeler, Recreational Sports and Services, 8 years.


Marla Marie Fuller, SIU Foundation Carbondale, 29 years.

Cathy Jo Reed, Head Start Agency, 21 years.


David G. Gilbert, Psychology, 28 years.

David G. King, Anatomy-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 36 years.

Matthew C. MacCrimmon, University Press, 24 years.

Vicki A. Nelson, Dean of Students, 15 years.

John Howard Newsome, University Housing, 19 years.

Barbara Szary, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 40 years.


George P. Aldridge, University Housing, 17 years.

Steven E. Banker, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration, 24 years.

Ronda R. Demattei, School of Allied Health, 31 years.

Nancy Jane Denis, Head Start Agency, 16 years.

Bonnie Collier Ebelhar, Institutional Research and Studies, 8 years.

Diane Marie Richey, Curriculum and Instruction, 23 years.

Morton Grove

Griff Edward Powell, Curriculum and Instruction, 8 years.

Mount Vernon

Paul D. Penrod, Physical Plant Service, 12 years.


Jeanne Anne Baker, Technology, 34 years.

Keith H. Beyler, School of Law, 31 years.

Janet Fay Caraway, Rainbow’s End, 13 years.

Paul T. Chapman, Physical Plant Service, 19 years.

Maureen L. Doran, Anatomy-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 31 years.

Valerie Jean Draves, AIS Office, 28 years.

Laura L. Cates Duncan, School of Law, 34 years.

Sheila May Echols, Student Center, 30 years.

Magdalen Sue Hawthorne, Dean of Students, 15 years.

Beverly Joyce Love, Radio, Television, and Digital Media, 9 years.

Lisa M. Marks, University Housing, 30 years.

Sandra L. McRoy, Workforce Education and Development, 30 years.

Daniel L. Nickrent, Plant Biology, 23 years.

Glenn W. Poshard, Office of the President, 12 years.

Gerald C. Ripley, Student Health Services, 28 years.

Janet L. Rogers, School of Allied Health, 36 years.

Donna J. Sanders, University Housing, 30 years.

Fred R. Schnautz, Physical Plant Service, 24 years.

Donald Sparling, Zoology, 10 years.

Lidia Claus Stahl, Foreign Languages and Literatures, 25 years.

Harold G. Tucker, Department of Public Safety, 24 years.

Martin Joseph Will, Registrar’s Office, 32 years.

Sandra W. Williams, AIS Office, 22 years.


Paula E. Nance, Technology Off-Campus Degree Programs, 9 years.


Jeffrey R. Beaulieu, Agribusiness Economics, 31 years.


Dennis Kiehna, Plant and Service Operations, 19 years.


Matthew A. Orr, Physical Plant Service, 16 years.


Mark A. Carwyle, Department of Public Safety, 25 years.


Jeffrey Mark Feltman, School of Law, 8 years.


Louis C. Harding, Information Technology, 11 years.

Marilyn S. Harding, Accounting Services, 8 years.


Wayne Patrick Whitlock, Information Technology, 9 years.


Carolyn Ann Pierce, Student Health Services, 13 years.

Wayne City

Stanley B. Blank, Curriculum and Instruction, 12 years.



Linda Gail Eubanks, Technology Off-Campus Degree Programs, 9 years.


San Diego

Charles Robert Parker, Workforce Education and Development, 17 years.

David Carl Taylor, Workforce Education and Development, 18 years.



Ronald James Pelias, Speech Communication, 32 years.


St. Louis

Jan Irene Roddy, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts, 25 years.



Blaine Bartholomew, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-School of Medicine, Carbondale, 22 years.