October 08, 2014

Employees to be honored for service, commitment

by Pete Rosenbery

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale Interim Chancellor Paul D. Sarvela will recognize 390 employees for their service to the university in a ceremony and reception in the Student Center. 

The recognition is at 1:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 9, in Ballroom D. A reception will follow in the International Lounge. 

The event will recognize employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service to SIU Carbondale. The employees have a combined total of 6,520 years of service to the university. 

The following employees listed by hometowns and years of service will receive recognition. 


Alto Pass

25 years: Gina K. Wiles, Student Health Services. 


15 years: Brad William Dawson, Physical Plant Service; Kimberly Elizabeth Little, College of Education and Human Services Advisement Office; Douglas James Simmons, Library Affairs. 

25 years: Pamela Denise Wilkens, Undergraduate Admissions. 


10 years: Jeffrey T. Jones, Travel Service; Rebecca Lynn King, Family and Community Medicine, Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield; Darla G. Phoenix, administrative aide, College of Education and Human Services. 

20 years: Tammy A. Phoenix, Student Health Services. 

25 years:  Beverly Kaye Bates, College of Liberal Arts; Betty Rodgers, Student Health Services. 


10 years: Jessie Q. Slaughenhaupt, Workforce Education and Development. 

30 years: Ronald F. Krausz, University Farms. 


10 years: Matthew W. Harrison, Aviation Technologies. 

25 years: Donna Louise Dial, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield. 


10 years: Steven Eugene Ralls, Physical Plant Service; Ira Dugan Tripp, Physical Plant Service. 


10 years: Juliane Poock Wallace, Kinesiology. 

Campbell Hill

15 years: Vivian S. Nagel, Accounting Services. 


10 years: Amer AbuGhazaleh, Animal Science Food and Nutrition; Craig Kyle Anz, associate dean for academic affairs, College of Applied Sciences and Arts; Betty Belbas, Physical Plant Service; David E. Biggs, Construction Management Services; David M. Braeutigam, University Housing; Bridget Christine Brown, University Press; Elaine Conrad, Center for International Education; Nicole Davis, Animal Science Food and Nutrition; Saran Donahoo, Educational Administration and Higher Education; Eric Jay Fidler, School of Journalism; Charles M. Halliday, Physical Plant Service; S. Todd Herreman, Radio, Television, and Digital Media; Andrea Imre, Library Affairs; Amelia Beth Ketzle, SIU Foundation Carbondale; Punit Kohli, Chemistry and Biochemistry; Rachel Lynn Lee, Aviation Technologies; Cheng-Yao Lin, Curriculum and Instruction; Christian Sebastian Loh, Curriculum and Instruction; Elizabeth DiSimone Lydy, Student Health Services; Douglas Eugene McCalla, University Housing; Christopher J. Milazzo, Library Affairs; AKM Mahbub Morshed, Economics; Cassandra Nicholson, University Housing; Olusegun Ojewuyi, Theater; Susan Jere Patrick, Broadcasting Service; Norma Perez, University Housing; Priscilla R. Pimentel, Center for Teaching Excellence; Julie Kathleen Ray, Physical Plant Service; Patrick A. Rivers, School of Allied Health; Patrick Joseph Rottinghaus, Psychology; Steven Sawyer, Library Affairs; Xuhong Shang, School of Art and Design; John Jay Smith, Intercollegiate Athletics; Earnestine Tugle, Physical Plant Service; Catherine E. Wagner, Library Affairs; Dan W. Walker, Travel Service; Yu-Wei Wang, Psychology; Nedra Lynn Wise, University Housing; Heewon Yang, Health Education and Recreation; Jack Edward Young, School of Journalism. 

15 years: John Michael Allard, Physical Plant Service; Mark Addison Amos, English; Kimberly K. Asner-Self, Educational Psychology and Special Education; Terry Clark, Marketing; Shad Collins, Physical Plant Service; Kenneth Lee Denbo, Physical Plant Service; Kathleen D. Dillard, Alumni Services; Christopher A. Dueker, University Housing; Stephen Doyle Ebbs, Plant Biology; Renee Lynn Eberhard, Department of Public Safety; Anna Lynn Geske, Library Affairs; Scott Dale Gilbert, Economics; Dale E. Grob, Workforce Education and Development; Bradley Hagy, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies; Todd C. Headrick, Educational Psychology and Special Education; Alfred L. Jackson, University Housing; Eric A. Jacobs, Psychology; Jeanette I Johnson, web specialist II, College of Education and Human Services; Karen L. Jones, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems; Sharon Kay Kelly, Curriculum and Instruction; Elizabeth S. Lentz-Hees, Workforce Education and Development; Barbara Jean Martin, University Press; Paula M. Melton, School of Music; Faith Yvette Miller, School of Allied Health; Kimber L. Monje, administrative aide, Office of the Chancellor; Tara Dawn Moore, Human Resources; Emmanuel C. Nsofor, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Margaret N. Nsofor, Zoology; David Olive, Mathematics; Regina J. Paul, MEDPREP/Medical Education Preparatory-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Michael G. Rath, School of Law; Brian M. Rice, Health Education and Recreation; Mythili K. Rundblad, Center for Service Learning and Volunteerism; Pamela A. Smoot, director, College of Liberal Arts; Wayne M. Thomas, University Housing; Clarissa Ann Voyles, School of Allied Health; Ronald Thomas Whittington, Transfer Student Services; Marianne T. Wilson, Physical Plant Services; Thomas Edward Woolf, University Communications and Marketing; Tamora Workman, Transfer Student Services. 

20 years: Tuesday L. Ashner, Civil and Environmental Engineering; John Tracey Bennett, Physical Plant Service; Edward Miles Benyas, School of Music; Alejandro Caceres, Foreign Languages and Literatures; Christine Carol Cisco, Health Education and Recreation; Jeffrey A. Cloud, Physical Plant Service; Geralyn Damian, Office of Economic and Regional Development; Ronda Leathers S Dively, English; Leslie A. Duram, Geography and Environmental Resources; Scott D. Elliott, Theater; Loretta Diane Frew, Management; Jeffrey K. Goh, Information Technology; Brian K. Gorecki, Physical Plant Service; Thad Parrish Heckman, School of Architecture; Tommy M. Holder, Physical Plant Service; Allison E. Joseph, English; Leslie A. Korando, Center for Environmental Health and Safety; John C. McCall, Anthropology; Charmaine Beatrice Porter, Family and Community Medicine, Physician Assistant Program-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Izumi Shimada, Anthropology; Jon Charles Tribble, English; Mark Joseph Wagner, Center for Archaeological Investigations; Theodore R. Weeks, History; Carol L. Westerman-Jones; Cinema and Photography; Misty D. Whittington, executive secretary, SIU Board of Trustees. 

25 years: Camellia Blythe-Friday, Head Start Agency; Kay Joyce Carr, History; Sandra G. Charlson, School of Art and Design; Scott R. Cralley, Physical Plant Service; Lisa G. David, School of Law; Brad Dillard, Physical Plant Service; Stephanie M. Clancy Dollinger, Psychology; Kambiz Farhang, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Christina C. Fark, Center for Teaching Excellence; John A. Hamman, Political Science; Wen-Chi Hou, Computer Science; Harry Randolph Hughes; Mathematics; Alan Hyun-oak Kim, Foreign Languages and Literatures; Patricia M. Matthews, First-Year Advisement; Gary Kevin Shepherd, Library Affairs; Loann Dinh Simmons, Plant and Service Operations; Mary Lisa Smith, Accounting Services; Kelly Thomas, School of Journalism; Lyle James White, Educational Psychology and Special Education. 

30 years: Deborah Ann Abell, Procurement Services; Jarlen Don, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes; Jon Marshall Geiger, Evaluation and Developmental Center; Charles D. Gibson, Information Technology; Ramesh Gupta, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Judith M. Marshall, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance; Brent David Patton, director, Labor and Employee Relations; Thomas A. Saville, Center for International Education; William A. Schroeder, School of Law; Sidney G. Smith, Family and Community Medicine, Physician Assistant Program-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Tony J. Williams, English. 

35 years: Jerry P. Becker, Curriculum and Instruction; Toni Flagg, Kinesiology. 

40 years: Ronald A. Browning, Family and Community Medicine, Physician Assistant Program-School of Medicine, Carbondale. 

Carrier Mills

15 years: Shannon Wimberly, Printing and Duplicating Service. 


10 years: Chad M. Beights, Department of Public Safety; Denise Marie Erickson, University Housing; Michelle Y. Kibby-Faglier, Psychology; Cheng-Shu Li, Anatomy-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Laura Elizabeth Lindsey, Head Start Agency; Michelle L. Weihman, AIS Office; Anthony J. Womick, Physical Plant Service. 

15 years: Kevin Scott Collins, School of Allied Health; William E. Dozier, Department of Public Safety; Anthony Thomas Fleege, School of Allied Health; Anita Lynn Irvin, Enrollment Management; Tracy M G Lake, Student Center; Richard Allen Lentz, Physical Plant Service; Michael F. Robertson, Aviation Management and Flight; Rod Sievers, University Communications and Marketing; Lynn C. Stocks, Accounting Services. 

20 years: David B. Brandt, Key Control; Stacey Elaine Fairchild-Cecil, Curriculum and Instruction; Michael S. Harbin, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice; Alice M. Noble-Allgire, School of Law; Karen Rotter, Automotive Technology; David Bradley Schwartz, computer information specialist; SIU Foundation Carbondale; Russell A. Thomas, Department of Public Safety; Julie Anne Virgo, business manager II, College of Science; Pamela J. Winget, University Housing. 

25 years: John Thomas Allen, Department of Public Safety; Mark E. Constable, Broadcasting Service; Harvey Henson, assistant dean for recruitment, retention and outreach, College of Science; Julie Kay McDannel, business/administrative associate, Office of the Chancellor; Kendall M. Wachter, Student Health Services. 


10 years: Natasha Rae Telger, Workforce Education and Development. 


10 years: Amy Marie Camden, Student Health Services; Julie A. Reese, Head Start Agency; Kirsten Lyn Schaper, Rehabilitation Institute; Sally Jo Wright, Recreational Sports and Services. 

15 years: Sarah Buila, School of Social Work; Chris P. Bunyan, Student Health Services; Thomas N. Cerny, Student Health Services. 

20 years: Judith A. Sherwood, administrative aide, College of Engineering; Valerie Brooks Wallin, School of Art and Design. 

25 years: Dwain Cocke, University Housing; Crystal Renee Null, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield; Denise Adair Vance, Financial Aid Office. 


15 years: Marzine P. Rafe, Department of Public Safety. 

Creal Springs

20 years: Tammy Diann Collins, University Housing. 

De Soto

10 years: Amanda Carlene Ashby, Registrar’s Office; Regina L. Boros, Student Health Services; Caryl Ann Poteete, Paralegal Studies.

15 years: Ralph Steven Barrett, Recreational Sports and Services; Julia K. Haug, Physical Plant Service; Crystal S. Mitchell, University Housing; Jean Carolyn Ohms, Center for Dewey Studies. 

20 years: James R. Eagelston, Broadcasting Service; Robert S. Hooper, Travel Service. 

25 years: Kenneth L. Diesburg, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems. 


10 years: Jeffrey R. Williamson, Information Technology. 

Du Quoin

10 years: David C. Gates, Physical Plant Service; Clyde William Gross, Physical Plant Service; Jana Rene Klamm, University Housing; Michael Harry McRoy, University Housing; Raymond D. Shaw, University Housing; Rachel Ann Shurtz, Zoology. 

15 years: Jill S. Kirkpatrick, Bursar; Daniel Wayne Rudloff, Physical Plant Service. 

20 years: Sharon R. Brooks, administrative assistant, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Laura Davis Cobin, Broadcasting Service; Susan Lynn Graham, University Farms; Ami Ann Curry Ruffing, Center for Environmental Health and Safety; Chasity L. Shea, History. 

25 years: Beth Alongi, 25 years; Student Center; Tami Elaine Alvis, office manager, College of Education and Human Services. 


15 years: Philip Steven Gatton, Plant and Service Operations; Alexander R. James, School of Social Work. 


20 years: Julie Lynne Childers, Student Health Services. 

25 years: Darryl Ray Mestel, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration. 


10 years:  Dennis Michael Gould, Physical Plant Service. 


15 years: William Recktenwald, School of Journalism. 

Freeman Spur

20 years: Karin Lela McClure, Library Affairs. 


10 years: David Keith Clark, Physical Plant Service; Elizabeth Ellen Heflin, Accounting Services. 

15 years: Alan Duane Rice, Physical Plant Service. 


35 years: Susan M. Ford, interim dean, Graduate School. 


10 years: Richard L. Burks, University Housing; Julie Ann Francis, Rainbow’s End; Christy L. Hamilton, Student Health Services; Michael R. Hoane, Psychology; Rhonda Karla Kowalchuk, Educational Psychology and Special Education; Malanda Rae Smith, Head Start Agency; Jamison John Tryggestad, Recreational Sports and Services. 

15 years: Shawn Eric Bond, Physical Plant Service; Lisa Gay Drummond, Family and Community Medicine/Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield; Tracey Ann Jarrell, specialist, Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs-SIU University-wide Services; Michael Kent Kremer, Physical Plant Service; Mandara Savage, Technology; Mark Schloemann, School of Social Work; Janet Arvetta Smith, Physical Plant Service; Melissa R. Viernow, Curriculum and Instruction; Pamela J. Walker, Foreign Languages and Literatures. 

20 years: Benjamin L. Komnick, Automotive Technology. 

25 years: Cynthia L. Miller, deputy director, Office of the Chancellor. 

30 years: William W. Huggett, Coal Extraction and Utilization Research Center; Vera L. Slankard, administrative aide, SIU Foundation Carbondale. 

Johnston City

15 years: Debora D. Farthing, Physical Plant Service; Teri Stobbs Ricci, Plant and Service Operations. 

20 years: Tina L. Spiller, Student Health Services. 

25 years: William C. Everly, Physical Plant Service. 


10 years: Patty Ann Harvel, Information Technology. 


15 years: Heather Elaine Franklin, Curriculum and Instruction. 


10 years: Richard W. Bittle, Physical Plant Service; Danny Franklin Brewer, University Housing; George Wilson Burruss, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice; Kevin Lee Cox, Department of Public Safety; Elizabeth M. Grotts, Student Health Services; Mary L. Kappel, Aerospace Studies-Air Force ROTC; Corne Prozesky, Recreational Sports and Services; Melanie Rose Schmeck, Transfer Student Services; Richard H. Thomas, Zoology. 

15 years: Daniel G. Douthett, Physical Plant Service; Jonathan M. Gray, Speech Communication; Julia Ann Richmond, University Communications and Marketing; David E. Sutton, Anthropology; Karl Williard, Forestry. 

20 years: Maria Rosa Fernandez Bell, Foreign Languages and Literatures; Cheri W. Kelly, Family and Community Medicine, Physician Assistant Program-School of Medicine, Carbondale; Gregory D. Moroz, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; Michael Bruce Reiman, Records Management; Charles M. Rendleman, Agribusiness Economics. 

30 years: Ronald A. Dunkel, Student Center; Jeannie Killian, First-Year Advisement; Marek L. Szary, Mechanical Engineering and Energy Processes. 


10 years: Deanna Barnett, Center for Teaching Excellence; Anthony Titus Fobs, Recreational Sports and Services; April J. Imhoff, Learning Support and Testing Services; Gary Kistner, Off-Campus Academic Programs; Barbara Whitehead, Student Health Services; Belle Sarah Woodward, School of Information Systems and Applied Technologies. 

15 years: Jason Payton Bond, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems; Judith Ann Kaufman, University Housing; Patricia J. Lynn, School of Law; Richard Steven Raubach, Physical Plant Service; Paul J. Restivo, Center for Environmental Health and Safety; Amy Dawn Tallman, Curriculum and Instruction. 

20 years: Robin Lynne Adams, School of Art and Design; Stacee Renee Luckett, Curriculum and Instruction; Gary Lynn Tally, Aviation Management and Flight. 


15 years: Jeffrey D. Chandler, Physical Plant Service. 


15 years: Roger G. Pugh, Disability Support Services. 

Mount Vernon

15 years: Letitia L. Bullard, Information Technology. 


10 years: Philip Michael Anton, Kinesiology; Lora Helen Bailey, University Housing; Sara

Gay Beardsworth, Philosophy; Clayton Lee Cochran, Human Resources; Joyce E. Deutsch, Transfer Student Services; Heidi Noelle Estel, business manager II, College of Liberal Arts; Charles W. Garrett, University Housing; Patrick L. Jones, Continuing Education and Outreach; Donnell McCauley, University Housing; Julie Partridge, Kinesiology; Richard B. Pierson, Physical Plant Service; Larry Edward Robinson, Microbiology; Donald Wesley Sparling, Zoology; Mark Stoffel, specialist, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts; Steven Earl Weaks, Health Education and Recreation; Sherry D. Wendling, University Housing. 

15 years: Kathy E. Anderson, Physical Plant Service; Frank E. Anderson, Zoology; Paula C. Arnold, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; Coral Diane Barnett, Family and Community Medicine, Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield; Sandra Jean Fark, Curriculum and Instruction; Dennis Followell, Department of Public Safety; Dora Carol Fricke, Head Start Agency; Melanie Kay Imhoff, Physical Plant Service; Jyotsna Kapur, Cinema and Photography; Robert Douglas Neef, Department of Public Safety; Charles M. Ruffner, Forestry; Stephanie June Walker, University Housing; Michael A. Wright, Physical Plant Service; Julie Marie Lich Young, Plant, Soil, and Agricultural Systems. 

20 years: Gloria J. Bollinger, Rainbow’s End; John Fredric Erbes, School of Law; Tina M. Evans, Curriculum and Instruction; Janet E. Harris, Curriculum and Instruction; Dimitrios Kagaris, Electrical and Computer Engineering; Tracey Lawyer Logeman, Automotive Technology; Wendy A. Preece, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration; Elisabeth Reichert, School of Social
Work; Sandra Kaye Schenk, University College; Dale Ray Schimpf, Physical Plant Service; Rachel Stocking, History; Susan E. Wills, business manager II, College of Education and Human Services. 

25 years: Cynthia Sue Alexander, University Housing; Donna Joyce Colwell, School of Information
Systems and Applied Technologies; Joyce M. Cottonaro, Head Start Agency; Steve Hammers, Information Technology; Melinda LaGarce, School of Architecture; Robert L. Oetjen, Physical Plant Service; Mark Alan Scott, Physical Plant Service; Louise Stearns, Curriculum and Instruction. 

30 years: Kerry P. Cole, business manager II, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; Carolyn S. Ihle, Student Health Services. 

40 years: Janice Mae Bilyeu, AIS Office; Norman L. Lach, School of Architecture. 

45 years: Jerry Clinton Hostetler, visiting assistant professor, College of Education and Human Services. 


10 years: Curtis Rickenberg, Physical Plant Service. 


10 years: Diana L. Fisher, Physical Plant Service; Connie Morgan, Curriculum and Instruction. 


10 years: Joshua James Morrison, Physical Plant Service. 


15 years: Laura J. Halliday, Linguistics. 


15 years: Paul Tobin Gunn, Workforce Education and Development. 


20 years: Fred Steven Gilbert, Physical Plant Service. 


15 years: Denise Bargh Burke, School of Social Work. 


15 years: Jeanne Therese Kitchens, Workforce Education and Development; Herbert Williams, Workforce Education and Development. 


10 years: Alicia Dawn Markley, Family and Community Medicine, Carbondale-School of Medicine, Springfield. 

20 years: Kenneth R. Knop, Aviation Management and Flight. 


10 years: Regina Ann Wilkerson Sims, Curriculum and Instruction. 

15 years: Sherri L. Phillips, insurance risk manager I, University Risk Management-SIU University-wide Services. 


10 years: Christa Denae Thompson, Curriculum and Instruction; Mary Jane Yearian, University Housing. 

20 years: Rodney C. Robinson, University Housing. 

25 years: Dee Rotolo, Financial Aid Office.                         

West Frankfort

10 years: Michael Lamont Hood, Student Health Services. 

20 years: Carolyn Sue Gayer, Department of Public Safety; Pamela A. Thrash, Curriculum and Instruction. 


10 years: Lori Ann Domineck, University Housing. 

25 years: Marie Antoinette Moyers, administrative assistant, Office of the President-SIU President’s Office. 


10 years: Glenn Michael Hartman, Workforce Education and Development. 


San Diego

15 years: Brian Towle Zeugschmidt, Off-Campus Academic Programs. 


Ormond Beach

15 years: Charles L. Sidell, Workforce Education and Development. 



10 years: Robert Bradley Palmer, Broadcasting Service. 

St. Louis

10 years: William A. Drennan, School of Law 



10 years: Keith H. Griffin, Workforce Education and Development.