October 02, 2014

Tips about travel regulations available

Faculty and staff are reminded of a few tips when arranging travel plans and preparing travel vouchers. 

  • Calculation of travel mileage reimbursement should begin from headquarters in Carbondale and not from a personal residence.  Per Subpart B, Section 2900.60-5, of the Illinois Administrative Code, “Reimbursement of expenses between the residence and the official headquarters of any individual subject to this Part shall not be allowed.” 
  • State travel regulations require that the most direct route between two locations be used when making travel plans.  Costs for any deviations due to traveler convenience, traveler misfortune, or failure of a traveler to adequately plan, are not the responsibility of the university. 
  • Please ask for the state/government rate when making lodging reservations, and be aware of the maximum lodging allowances.  If the lodging is not at a conference location or the lodging rate is higher than the maximum lodging allowance for that particular area, include an explanation on the travel voucher or complete an Expense Certification Form – Employee Travel. 

The current reimbursement schedule is available here. Information and up-to-date information regarding the university’s travel regulations are available here. For additional information, contact Patti Diggle at 453-1301 or by pdiggle@siu.edu.