September 12, 2014

Architecture students to feature design work in library

by Christi Mathis

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Visitors to Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Morris Library now have the opportunity to experience unique, interactive, architectural works. 

Under the direction of Chad Schwartz, assistant architecture professor, students from “Architecture 351 Design III: Context” created imaginative structures to place throughout the library to engage library patrons through various senses and themes.  Visitors can come to understand the creations through sight, sound, smell and touch. 

The architecture students were challenged to craft designs that are accessible and encourage interaction but that are not permanently attached to or affecting the library in any way. The work to install them began Friday, Sept. 12. 

The multi-sensory creations are throughout the library, separated by themes as designated:  cascading color on the seventh floor, cognitive on the first floor, discovery in the north stairway, harmony on the first floor and rotation in the south stairway.  A description of the materials, how the work is used and the interactive intention of each piece, along with the people who created it, is included. 

Plans call for leaving the designs in their prominent locations around the library through the end of the semester.  

For more information, contact Sarah Prindle, humanities and fine arts librarian, at or by calling 618/453-1249.