September 11, 2014

New Secure File Transfer Service Available

Information Technology is announcing a new service available to faculty, staff and students that allows for secure file sharing. MOVEit provides a standardized process that will increase security and minimize the likelihood information could potentially be comprised.

MOVEit is another option over other file sharing methods between users and departments that utilize public and university email, flash drives and file shares.

The process offers both a web interface accessed from a browser and a Java-based program to upload and download files. The web interface allows users to send files to other users without leaving their browser, while the Java Upload/Download Wizard allows users to transfer larger files more quickly.  Regardless of the method users select, they receive 10 GB of storage space while students will be allowed 5 GB to use.

MOVEit is not a replacement for file shares/services.  Its major purpose is to allow information to be securely transferred and shared.  MOVEit has an Outlook plugin which will allow Outlook users to securely send files from within Outlook.  More information will be forthcoming on the Outlook plugin.

MOVEit also has other uses and capabilities, including:

  • A scheduling component that can schedule and transfer files across campus and to external parties.
  • Departments across campus are considering using MOVEit to automate workflow processes that use of sensitive documents by multiple areas on campus. This will reduce the need for campus mail in these instances. 

MOVEit will become the IT-supported standard for securely sharing files across campus.  Information Security is currently working on a variety of policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures as part of the forthcoming Information Security Program (ISP).

One particular ISP standard, which has implications specifically for MOVEit, deals with the safe handling of sensitive information, including social security and credit card numbers and student and employment data.  This standard will mandate that any user that deals with sensitive data take appropriate action to protect the information in their possession.  This action would include encryption while at rest and in motion.  MOVEit will fulfill the requirement involving secure data transmission and the safe handling of sensitive data while in transit.

MOVEit can be accessed at using your Network ID and Password.  A MOVEit User Manual is available here.  Please contact Information Security at with any questions.  Information and system security is only successful with the cooperation and support of each SIU Carbondale faculty, staff, and student.