September 04, 2014

New Information Security Plan in effect

All campus faculty, staff and students need to know of a new SIU System Information Security Plan now in effect.  The Board of Trustees on July 24 approved a new policy allowing each SIU campus to establish a formalized Information Security Program, or ISP.

The formation of the ISP is driven by many factors, the key one being risk. This program sets the ground rules under which SIU Carbondale shall operate and safeguard its information and information systems to reduce the risk, and minimize the effect of security incidents.  The new ISP will be comprised of policies, standards, guidelines and procedures that formulate a comprehensive program to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and information systems on campus.

Over the next several months, campus constituents can expect to see several initiatives with regard to information security.  Among the initiatives will be the official formation of the ISP along with many underlying policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures.  In addition, campus users can expect to see the establishment of several new services and processes that support the underlying technical aspects of the ISP.

The new plan grants authority for the establishment of the ISP to the chief information officer, information security officer, or equivalent.  At SIU Carbondale, that responsibility rests within the Office of Information Technology.

More information regarding the ISP is available at Questions should be directed to the Information Security team at The responsibility for security rests with all of us.  The ISP will only be successful with the cooperation and support of each SIU Carbondale faculty, staff, and student.