July 24, 2014

Employees can sign up to receive emergency messages

The university is in the process of switching to the Rave Mobile Safety alert system to send emergency messages to cell phones and campus e-mail addresses. Some weather warnings, including severe thunderstorm, tornado, flash flood and winter storm, also will continue to be sent with this system. Since the messages are short, you may need to go to another source of university emergency information for more details. 

This service will alert you quickly to emergency situations on campus, including if the university is closed. To receive emergency text messages, log onto the Human Resources Self-Service system to provide a current cell phone number. Click on SIUC Employee Online Services, then click on “Personal Information” to enter or update the cell phone number. SIU e-mail addresses already are automatically entered into the alert system. 

The new alert system reflects the university’s commitment to campus safety. Emergency notification also is required of colleges and universities under the federal Clery Act, and the university will continue to use a multi-layered approach that also includes the home page, social media, and local media outlets. 

For further information, please visit dps.siu.edu or contact SalukiTech at 453-5155 or via e-mail, salukitech@siu.edu.