July 17, 2014

Important reminders for the campus community

As the university began a new fiscal year on July 1, here are a few important reminders for the campus community. 

  • Confidentiality of Social Security numbers – Under Board policy, all employees who have access to Social Security numbers (SSN) must be trained to protect the confidentiality of those numbers.  If you have access to Social Security numbers and have not completed the web-based training or want to refresh yourself on your responsibilities, the training is available here. The training is straight forward and takes about seven minutes to complete. 
  • Auto accidents involving Travel Service vehicles -- The driver of a university vehicle who is involved in an auto accident/incident, no matter how minor, is required to report the accident to Travel Service within 48 hours.  Travel Service will coordinate with the driver the submission of the required accident reporting forms to Central Management Service.  The State of Illinois provides auto liability for university vehicles while the vehicles are used for university purposes and requires this reporting. 
  • Payroll certifications – Fiscal officers are responsible for reviewing and approving payroll certification reports that list employees within your reporting line.  If the fiscal officer is listed on the respective payroll certification report, an additional supervisory approval is required.  Signed payroll certifications should be maintained by the employing department for three years.