June 30, 2014

Foreign Languages and Literatures has new name

The Department of Languages, Cultures, and International Trade is the new name for what was once the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. The change goes into effect Tuesday, July 1. 

The name change reflects the full range of learning opportunities that go beyond language acquisition and literature study to include aspects of culture, including modern popular culture in other countries, and international business culture. 

The department also underwent internal restructuring.  Beginning in August students will major in languages, cultures, and international studies. Students will specialize in the language study of their choice: French, German or Spanish, or in classics (Latin and ancient Greek) or in a remodeled East Asian language and culture specialization. In addition to the specializations, the department offers a teacher education program and an array of minors under the heading “international studies.” 

The department name change calls attention to another specialization option students have: foreign language and international trade.  The degree is in cooperation with the College of Business and includes an internship served with an international company.