May 30, 2014

Media Advisory -- Deans’, Degree Candidate Lists

Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s spring semester 2014 deans’ and degree candidate lists are now available. SIU recognized more than 3,200 candidates for undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees during commencement ceremonies on May 10.

Here is what you will find:

• Carbondale lists, which include students who listed Carbondale as their hometown.

• Illinois lists, with students who listed hometowns other than Carbondale, and are organized by ZIP code.

• Out-of-state lists include students who list hometowns in Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Wisconsin. The lists are organized alphabetically by state and ZIP code.

• A listing of abbreviations for degrees.

A couple of notes about the Deans’ Lists:

• A “*” before a name denotes a 4.0 GPA.

• The number following each name denotes year in school, as follows: 1 = freshman; 2 = sophomore; 3 = junior; 4 = senior. A “9” following a name may denote senior with degree, unclassified, or a member of our MEDPREP program.