March 04, 2014

Pact helps Kaskaskia engineering students

by Tim Crosby

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale and Kaskaskia College in Centralia recently signed an agreement that will help students working on an associate degree in engineering to transfer those credits to SIU and the university’s College of Engineering.  The agreement applies to five areas of engineering study -- civil, computer, electrical, mechanical and mining engineering. 

The program articulation program is part of SIU’s dual admission program.  Students in their first year at participating colleges who enroll in the dual admission program can lock in tuition rates by taking certain classes. 

The program articulation agreements are designed to help students in these programs make efficient use of their community college education so the credits will easily transfer to SIU. University counselors at participating colleges monitor students’ progress and provide continual feedback on their transcripts to facilitate their continuing education at the university. 

Since 2007, SIU has maintained a network of community college-based “service centers” at colleges throughout Southern Illinois. SIU Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs John W. Nicklow said SIU makes its relationship with community colleges and their students a high priority, and the new agreements are another example of that philosophy in action. 

“We share (the) goals of improving the lives of students and the communities we all serve,” Nicklow said. “We are excited about the opportunities these agreements will create for Kaskaskia students.” 

Participating students will receive an individualized plan that shows how credit earned at their college transfers to SIU, degree requirements at SIU, and a list of their college’s courses that apply toward that degree. The students will receive an updated report each semester, showing transferable credits earned. They also will have a personal SIU contact in admissions. 

Students at all Illinois and Missouri public community colleges are eligible for the dual admission program, which includes program articulation agreements for general education requirements.  

For more information on the dual admission program and program articulation agreements contact Amanda Sutton, assistant director of transfer relations, at 618/453-7143 or