February 13, 2014

SIU Carbondale recognizes degree candidates

CARBONDALE, Ill. -- Southern Illinois University Carbondale recognized 1,209 degree candidates during fall commencement ceremonies held on campus Dec. 14.  Of those, 1,193 students are candidates for undergraduate degrees.  In addition, 15 graduated from the SIU School of Law, and other students earned advanced degrees.

Students on the Illinois List have listed an Illinois hometown address other than Carbondale on their student records.  This list is arranged by ZIP code.  Some cities and towns have more than one ZIP code, and those ZIP codes are not necessarily sequential.  The list is available here.

Also note that these are undergraduate degree candidates and should be referred to as such.  Some students had double majors (i.e., German studies and radio-television) but received a single degree.  Degrees are designated by one of six degree codes at the top of the lists; if only one code (i.e. BA) appears after a student’s name, that student received one degree.