January 07, 2014

Possible Cigna Plan provider network changes

Effective Jan. 1, 2014, the Cigna provider network changed.  In portions of Illinois, the HealthLink, Midland Choice and PHCS networks that have been utilized by Cigna may be replaced by the Cigna provider networks.  This impacts employees enrolled in the Cigna Plan (Quality Care Health Plan).  Employees with HealthLink coverage are not impacted. 

Cigna is actively negotiating with the affected providers in an effort to contract directly with those providers.  Due to this change, it is possible that a member’s doctor may no longer participate in the Cigna network.  Covered services will then be paid at the out-of-network level if the member continues to receive services from the out-of-network provider. 

Members may be eligible for Continuity of Care benefits that allows eligible plan participants to continue to receive health services at the in-network benefit levels for certain medical conditions.  To find out more about Continuity of Care benefits, members should call Cigna at 1-800-962-0051 and let the customer service associate know you are in the middle of treatment. 

Be aware that networks always have the potential to change.  Network changes are not considered a qualifying change in status, which would allow employees to change health care plans mid-year.