January 07, 2014

End of year tax guideline tips for all employees

Now is the time for all employees to ensure that their W-2 address is correct by checking your listed address via Human Resources’ Self Service (HRSS) website and making any needed changes.  Employees may also use an e-form to update their change of address and forward it to Human Resources, Mail Code 6520. As required by the Internal Revenue Service, W-2 tax forms for 2013 will be processed and mailed from Human Resources no later than Jan. 31.  Employees may, if they desire, view their W-2s through HRSS when W-2s are mailed.

As for exempt W-4 tax withholding forms, the time to renew is now. In mid-February of each year everyone with EXEMPT status will see the status expire, and IRS regulations require employee withholdings to single and 0 if the exempt status is not renewed. Employees may re-file as EXEMPT via HRSS or by using W-4 Withholding Allowance e-form and forwarding it to Human Resources. The deadline for filing the form is by Feb. 1.