December 12, 2013

Computers should be left on next two weekends

Faculty and staff are asked to leave their university computers turned on during the next two weekends, Dec. 14-15 and Dec. 21-22, so that Information Technology can perform remote maintenance. Doing this work over weekends will help ensure that your computers do not slow down when you use them during the work week.

This maintenance work consists of scanning computers for sensitive information for a required urgent data inventory that must be completed before holiday break. The software being used for this inventory is called "Identity Finder" and is probably already installed on your computers. 

If Identity Finder is not already installed on your computers (or if you are not sure if Identity Finder is already installed), please contact the LAN Admin in your area for assistance in installing Identity Finder. Questions concerning Identity Finder may be submitted to  

We realize that asking you to leave your computers on during the weekend may contradict other instructions for you to turn off your computers during off hours.   However, this is a special case, and we are asking you to leave your computers on during the next two weekends.

If you normally turn your computers off during weekends, then please start doing so again after Dec. 23.