October 14, 2013

Online ethics training begins Wednesday

Mandatory on-line ethics training for 2013 takes place Oct. 16-Nov. 8 on the training website: www.workplaceanswers.com/uillinois. To log in, enter your user ID, which is a combination of your name and the month and day of your birthday (for example, the user ID for John L. Smith, who was born June 5 is, JohnLSmith0605). The default password is ethics#123. You will be prompted to change the password on your first login. If you encounter technical problems accessing the training, contact the Help Desk immediately at 618-453-5155. If you have questions about an ethics issue or training, please contact your campus ethics training administrator or the university ethics officer. Contact Brent Patton, director of labor and employee relations, 618-453-6691, brentp@siu.edu, at SIU Carbondale, or Brenda Martin, executive director of compliance and ethics, 618-536-3464, bjmartin@siu.edu, at the system office. For more information, go to the SIU Ethics website at www.ethics.siu.edu.