October 10, 2013

Fall in Love with the Outdoors

Ever feel as though you are boxed in by what society calls the “real world?” Do you often get frustrated with how connected you are to your computer, phone, TV, and the constant flow of information and obligations? If this sounds like something you are feeling, we would like to personally invite you to escape with us for an hour to learn about one person’s journey of how nature, human interaction, and the power of the wilderness experience changed the way he lived. Through these experiences, this person has become more disconnected from the stressful demands of day to day living and more connected with the essence of life. So please join us and learn tips and tricks you can start with today that will get you outside and on the path to living a happier, healthier life. The session is at noon, Wednesday, Oct. 16, in the Student Center Mackinaw Room. The event is part of the WellSIU, the Chancellor’s Employee Wellness Initiative.